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Original-owner 427-powered 1963½ Ford Galaxie

Muscle Car Campy tells the tale of a dual-quad Ford and the man who bought it new


Have you ever bought a new car that you regretted letting go? Charlie Pearson doesn’t have that problem — he bought a 1963½ Ford Galaxie 500 new and never got rid of it.

Charlie specified the dual-quad version with 425 horsepower (known as the “R-code” due to fifth character in the VIN) in the “fastback” Galaxie 500 two-door hardtop. This body style was introduced mid-year 1963, the same moment when the 427 replaced the 406 as Ford’s engine to kill on the street and the racetracks. Of course, the Galaxie 500/XL is the famous one due to its bucket seats and console, but perhaps Charlie was inclined to have a little honey closer to him?

Muscle Car Campy — otherwise known as Jim Campisano, the former editor of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords — gives us a ride and spins a tale with Charlie as he waxes poetic on 60 years of ownership. And if you enjoy this episode, you can check out other videos from Muscle Car Campy.

Diego Rosenberg
Diego Rosenberg
Lead Writer Diego Rosenberg is a native of Wilmington, Delaware and Princeton, New Jersey, giving him plenty of exposure to the charms of Carlisle and Englishtown. Though his first love is Citroen, he fell for muscle cars after being seduced by 1950s finned flyers—in fact, he’s written two books on American muscle. But please don’t think there is a strong American bias because foreign weirdness is never far from his heart. With a penchant for underground music from the 1960-70s, Diego and his family reside in metropolitan Phoenix.


  1. Great video on the 63 1/2 Ford. Brought back fond memories as I had same car with 390. Went into USMC in 1969. My dad sold it after I went in. Baby blue with black vinyl top and bench seats so my first love could be next to me

  2. My favorite car ever. This one looks like it may have a small ground wire issue with parking and tail lights. I love that auto and congrats to the owner for hanging. Onto it

  3. The ’63 Galaxy 500 ‘fastback’ with 427 has long been my favorite car from my high school years. In the rural NH area where I went to high school were 2 of them. One was painted glossy gold & black and drew a lot of attention, even when its owner wasn’t leaving black streaks on every road in the area with its ‘factory-spec’d’ 425 hp mill. The second was more subtle: a plain red car driven on the street pretty ‘conservatively’; but with a Holman & Moody-built engine, very often triumphantly on local dragstrips. (And now, 58 years later, I live with 30 minutes of H & M’s shop!)

  4. I bot a 63/5 Galaxie 500 off the floor at Ogden Ford Sales in 1963. I cry every time I see one… was Ming Green…. That’s when they made cars…

  5. My first car, 66 Fairlane GT, 390v8, C 6 auto, bucket seats, what a car, glad to see you hung on to yours, wish I had mine.?

  6. My regret is getting rid of my 1962 TBird. Mine was Gloss Black with red and cream white interior. Real sweet head turner back in the day,

    • When I was in high school a man who owned a gas station had a Ford just like that but it was a light body 427 built by Ford racing not sue if it was aluminum or what but same color and bench seat white body loved that car !

  7. I had one. You’re right. I regret letting go of mine. Mine had the 390 C.I.D. bucket seats and floor shifter and console. I hot Roddenberry mine. I miss that car.

  8. Those were the years… 1962 -1966 Thunderbird convertible, 1961-1969 Ford Galaxie 500 XL, Ford Bronco 1966-1977, Ford Trucks 1952-1972, and the Ford Mustang 1964 1/2 -1970. What the hell was Ford thinking when they had a great thing going, and now the vehicles they produce are nothing but headaches and problems.

  9. My favorite car exactly when I was a Junior in high school. Never had one, but ended up with 2 1969 1/2 Boss 302s later. Ist one Acapulco Blue and 2nd one Wimbledon White. Wish I still had one of them.


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