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PBA Announces ‘Go Bowling! PBA NASCAR Invitational at Phoenix Raceway’

PBA and NASCAR stars to compete on custom bowling lanes at Phoenix Raceway


The inaugural Go Bowling! PBA NASCAR Invitational, bringing the worlds of bowling and auto racing together in bowling competition at Phoenix Raceway, will air March 12 at noon ET on FOX Sports’ FS1. The telecast will air prior to the 2023 NASCAR United Rentals Work United 500 on FOX.

Go Bowling! is partnering with QubicaAMF to construct a custom pair of lanes inside The Barn on the grounds of Phoenix Raceway. Fans and guests are invited to attend the event free of charge, which will be taped March 10, and have the chance to bowl on the lanes once competition concludes.

“We are thrilled to extend our relationship with NASCAR with the addition of the made-for-TV event in Phoenix,” said Kevin Krauss, President, Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA). “It will demonstrate the fun of bowling to everyone tuned in and also to everyone following their favorite drivers, bowlers and celebrities on social media.”

The Go Bowling! PBA NASCAR Invitational at Phoenix Raceway will feature four professional bowlers—PBA Tour players Kyle Troup and Jesper Svensson and PWBA Tour stars Daria Pajak and Verity Crawley—teaming with four NASCAR drivers and celebrities, including NASCAR’s Aric Almirola and Ryan Preece in doubles competition.

Image courtesy of NASCAR Media

In addition to the doubles tournament, the event will feature a special shootout in which celebrities will compete against each other in fast-paced bowling competition.

“Many NASCAR drivers have shown a great interest in bowling, so to be able to bring stars from the PBA and PWBA together to team with current racing personalities at Phoenix Raceway during a big race week will be a treat for fans of both sports,” said Tom Clark, PBA Tour Commissioner. “This event is going to be a lot of fun, but highly competitive. When you bring the best in the world at their respective sports together, there will be fireworks.”

“The friendly competition among the drivers, the stars of the PBA/PWBA Tours and other celebrities should make for a fun show and a great way to get ready for the big NASCAR Cup Series race in Phoenix,” added Krauss.



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