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Interesting Finds: 1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III Convertible (4K)


Over at the Journal, we’ve had a lot of discussion recently about the difference between Continentals and Lincoln Continentals. In honor of this 1956 Continental Mark II (not a Lincoln) sold on AutoHunter this week, we want to share the AutoHunter Cinema Interesting Find featuring the open-air enjoyment of a 1958 Continental Mark III by Lincoln. The short-lived Continental brand was axed when it was decided to discontinue the $10,000 1957 Continental Mark II, with the redesigned 1958 Continental Mark III now being under Lincoln’s tutelage and selling for $4,000 less. This particular Mark III is powered by a 430ci V8 producing 350 horsepower paired to a Turbo-Drive three-speed automatic.

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  1. Absolutely KING of the road in 58. Lincoln was out to outCadillac Cadillac. It succeeded except in sales. Same basic styling through 1960. Personal favorite was 60 custom Continental TOWN CAR. Never cared for downsized 61s. But was fun to watch those continue to grow in size and OTT luxury. Had 78 TOWN COUPE 🏆, 89 Signature, and currently have beautiful low mileage 2007 Signature Limited. Have also had RWD FLEETWOODS. Overall Lincolns seem superior. Sad to see what is now considered a luxury vehicle 😕Thanks for this great post! 😎

  2. Here a 1958 Lincoln Capri. Black with blue interior was original when I bought it. Original paint and chrome had18000 miles when I bought it. Now has 24000on it
    Much work on it have all stock parts to go back stock


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