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Top 10 Porsche sales from the 2023 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction

A 2005 Porsche Carrera GT set the pace with a $1,595,000 hammer price


The 2023 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction just wrapped up and among the 1,907 vehicles sold (totaling more than $184.2 million in sales) were numerous offerings by Porsche. A 2005 Carrera GT was the top selling Porsche at the auction with a $1,595,000 hammer price. The Carrera GT was the second most expensive car at the 2023 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, trailing only a 1989 Ferrari F40 that sold for $2,750,000, and is proper example to lead the Top 10 Porsche sales from the recent auction.

Top 10 Porsche sales at the 2023 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction

14052005 PORSCHE CARRERA GT$1,595,000
13931997 PORSCHE 993 TURBO S$605,000
14062018 PORSCHE 911 GT2 RS$577,500
13922018 PORSCHE 911 GT2 RS$445,500
13942016 PORSCHE 911R$445,500
1314.11996 PORSCHE 911 TURBO$304,700
1363.11994 PORSCHE 911 TURBO 3.6 COUPE$286,000
1363.21996 PORSCHE 911 TURBO$269,500
1430.12016 PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS$264,000
10881968 PORSCHE 911T CUSTOM COUPE$220,000
David P. Castro
David P. Castro
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  1. No Porsche is worth concourse money. You take the car to Pebble Beach and its rejected. Its not worth it but tell these collector’s spinning these heaps that. You can’t. A Porsche is not a Ferrari, never has been never will. Plus they are death-mobiles with way too much power to the rear end based on weight differential. In other words you die in the crate. Buy a cheap Boxster and shut up.

  2. You know, John, they make Colace for that. And your misunderstanding of Porsche driving dynamics just shouts that you’ve never driven one. Enjoy your rusty Mustang, ‘k?


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