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My Classic Car: Marina Blue 1966 Chevy II SS


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A Marina Blue 1966 Chevy II SS has always been my dream car, since there is sentimental value when you see the 1960s muscle car era as a young kid. Growing up, I remember riding around town with my uncle in his Marina Blue ’66 Chevy II Super Sport searching for someone to light up the tires with. That little Chevy II always sounded like it was eating the ground it rolled on.

I remember my uncle sticking a dollar bill to the console and telling me to grab for the dollar bill while he nailed the gas pedal. I never was able to grab that dollar bill because I was firmly pressed deep into the passenger seat when he launched that powerful beast and the front-end came off the ground. My uncle was always tinkering under the hood to get the most power that he could get out of that 327 small block engine.

In 2015, after searching for 8 years I found my Marina Blue ’66 Chevy II SS in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. I brought my little 1966 Deuce with me to Tennessee. When I take it out for a run, I get plenty of head turns, thumbs up, and compliments on its look and sound. There’s nothing like building on fond memories while owning and driving a piece of the muscle car era.

Today, 56 years later, I enjoy driving my little Chevy II and thinking about yesteryears with my favorite uncle.

-Dwayne C., Tennessee


  1. Beautiful car and a great story, don’t get rid of your memories, but if you ever do I’m very interested in keeping your memories of that nice Chevy 2 the same condition.

  2. Audio Chevy twos and a 1965 super sport there’s a drag car and I was trying to restore to original and then I sold to a friend of mine him and his son is going to do the car

  3. On my 16th birthday in 1968 I took my driver license test in my mom’s’66 Nova SS. It was a beauty, Artesian Turquoise,….but…..with a 235 six and a three-on-the-tree. I tried to talk my dad into at least a 283. Alas and anon!

  4. I wound up with one of these Chevy ll SS Marina Blues through my older sister’s divorce settlement in 1971, I was 16, she was having a tough time pushing in the heavy duty clutch during heavy L.A. traffic so I bought it from her for $1,100.00. I was the most popular kid in high school with that car and the backseat got used a lot. 😁
    Also took it to Lyons Drag Strip Wednesday nights running high 14s with my front legs trembling at the Christmas tree.
    Everyone would say “how’s the Nova running?” And I say it’s not a Nova it’s a Chevy ll. 😅


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