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My Classic Car: My High School Drive Lives On


I purchased my 1965 Chevelle Malibu Super Sport June 2, 1969, just shortly after I graduated from high school.

This was a daily driver of mine until 1978 when I parked the car in the shed. After many years of sitting there, the rust took over the weak spots that Chevrolet had when they built the car.

Just a few years ago we took out the motor and transmission and refurbished it ourselves. For the bodywork I took to a body shop, and they did a complete frame-off restoration. When it was finally ready for me in July 2019 I was able to take it for my 50th class reunion. Since then, my Chevelle and I have gone to many shows, and I’ve driven it at a variety of events for fun.

-David L., Minnesota

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  1. Nice story, David! Congratulations on being able to keep your beloved Chevelle all these years. I wish I still had my favorite car. It was a 1967 GTO. I bought it the Fall of my Junior year of high school and sold it almost exactly 20 years later, during the Fall of 1995. I can hardly believe it’s been longer since I sold it than how long I actually owned it.

    And yes, I do kick myself EVERY DAY for letting it go.

    Enjoy that treasure and Merry Christmas!!!


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