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Everrati to offer EV converted Range Rovers and Land Rover Defenders

Prices start at $224,000


Everrati Automotive Limited is now offering zero-emission versions of the Range Rover Classic and Land Rover Defender to their expanding portfolio. These classic British SUVs are fully restored, and the internal combustion engine is upgraded with Everrati’s electric vehicle drivetrain. Each vehicle from Everrati can be tailored to the preferences of the customer but maintain the vehicle’s original essence.

“Perfectly at home in London, Cornwall, Monterey or The Hamptons, these vehicles are right in the current zeitgeist; rolling pieces of art that will give their owners, who are mavens of sustainability and responsibility, a clean and distinctive and luxurious way of travelling,” said Justin Lunny, Everrati Founder and CEO. “At the same time these progressive machines will have a legacy, being preserved for generations who will be able to continue to use and enjoy them guilt-free, with zero emissions, as the automotive landscape changes around them.”

Image courtesy of Everrati

The United Kingdom-based company was founded in 2019 and offers a variety of EV converted and restored classic cars. Its mission statement acknowledges tradition but with an eye on the future.

Everrati are specialists in automotive ‘aesthetics & technology’, redefining iconic internal combustion engine cars into cosmetically-preserved & improved, technically advanced, fully emissions and regulations compliant electric vehicles. Preserving heritage by introducing an EV engineered future.

It is a strong mission to undertake, and its products are exceptional, but these are not cheap SUVs.

The Range Rover Classic starts at £230,000 ($279,000) plus the donor vehicle, but no specifications for range, horsepower or acceleration are available yet. If you want to keep a little change in your pocket the EV converted Land Rover Defender starts at £185,000 ($224,000) and specs aren’t available yet.

“These vehicles set new standards at launch – we will do the same again with our advanced technology, as we transform these icons, enabling them to live on in the age of electrification,” said Lunny.

David P. Castro
David P. Castro
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