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Pick of the Day: 1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod

You won’t find a better Halloween murdermobile than this


It’s Halloween! Time to celebrate creepiness and candy! So what better car to pick for our Pick of the Day than this 1931 Ford Model A hot rod for sale by a dealer on ClassicCars.com. (Click the link to view the listing)

While a hot rod is not inherently disconcerting, this one has been built to disturb others on the road. Take a gander at the bloody backlite and rear hatch. And check out that hood ornament — it’s Pennywise, that terrifying, evil clown from “It” that wreaks havoc in Maine every 27 years. Boo!

ford, Pick of the Day: 1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod, ClassicCars.com Journal

Did ya flinch?

Specifically, this vehicle is a Model A pickup, the last of the series before Ford decided to go with a flathead V8 and turned the low-priced automobile market on its side. The gray hot rod has had its front fenders removed, so you may have to deal with the inconvenience of nothing to catch the blood that may splatter. Out back, a blackened wood bed features a Coors beer keg fuel cell with a sending unit inserted in the middle. What do you think it’s filled with? Lord, I don’t wanna know…

ford, Pick of the Day: 1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod, ClassicCars.com Journal

Two headlights with Mooneye covers surround both sides of the grille. Behind that grille you’ll find 455 cubic inches of Pontiac power with breathing assisted by white-coated headers that exit by the bottom front of the doors. Seller claims it puts out 360 horsepower with the assistance of Tri-Power, and the fun factor is upped another notch thanks to a close-ratio M21 four-speed. A Ford nine-inch rear houses 3.73 gears.

ford, Pick of the Day: 1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod, ClassicCars.com Journal

Inside, gray tweed panels surround side-by-side, supportive black cloth buckets. “More gray tweed covers the toe kicks as well as the backmost part of the cab and gray carpeting covers the floors and is well protected by brown household carpeting remnant,” adds the seller. The original dash has been tweaked to include a modified texture-finish steel gauge cluster in red, though the seller doesn’t indicate whether it’s blood or paint. The steering wheel is a three-spooker … uh, it has three spokes featuring a black rim and, thankfully, no bloody fingerprints.

ford, Pick of the Day: 1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod, ClassicCars.com Journal

What is it like to drive? Looks scary, but seller says, “Smooth, seemingly unending acceleration, decent handling, and tight steering. Brakes are solid, and driving is actually fun with the manual transmission.” In other words, don’t be spooked.

If none of this creeps you out, then maybe the $21,900 selling price will seem reasonable to you if you’re looking for a fleet vehicle to assist with your dirty deeds.

To view this listing on ClassicCars.com, see Pick of the Day.

Diego Rosenberg
Diego Rosenberg
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