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Maserati Announces FTributo Special Edition

Built to celebrate the first female Formula 1 racer


How is your Italian? If you can understand the menu of the Olive Garden, that doesn’t count. But do “Arancio Devil” and “Grigio Lamiera” roll off your tongue like a-spicy meatball? If not, time to practice because those are two new colors that are part of the FTributo Special Editions available for 2023 Levante and Ghibli models that celebrate the first woman to race in Formula 1.

Maria Teresa De Filippis was her name, and she drove a Maserati in the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix, with several other Formula 1 races under her belt through 1959 (having moved to Porsche that year), upon which she retired after the death of teammate Jean Behra. Incredibly, no woman raced in Formula 1 for another 15 years, with four other women in total having run the series since 1976.

“Elegance, extreme performance, and sportiness renew a winning combination between Maserati and Maria Teresa De Filippis. It’s a story of tenacity, courage, and audacity. It signifies the ability to face challenges, compete, and win – both on the track and beyond, determinedly looking ahead to the future.”

maserati FTributo Special Edition, Maserati Announces FTributo Special Edition, ClassicCars.com Journal
Maserati Ghibli – FTributo Special Edition (Image courtesy of Maserati)

In case you’re unfamiliar with the colors of the FTributo Special Edition, I have plugged them in my translator especially for you—they are “orange” and “gray.” That sounds somewhat boring, no? Apparently, De Filippis’ nickname was “She-Devil,” hence the origin of the orange, while the gray is inspired by the “adrenaline rush experienced on the track.” Alrighy!

The FTributo Special Edition Levante painted Arancio Devil will be equipped with Grigio Opaco 21-inch Anteo wheels; the Ghibli in the same color will feature 21-inch Titano wheels. Both models will feature rim details, special fender badges and Trident logos in cobalt blue. For vehicles painted Grigio Lamiera, the wheels will be painted Gloss Black with the special badges and Tridents in orange.

Inside, you’ll have your choice of black or orange (more like tan) natural PienoFiore full-grain leather, with interior finishes in cobalt blue with orange stitching.

maserati FTributo Special Edition, Maserati Announces FTributo Special Edition, ClassicCars.com Journal
Maserati Levante – FTributo Special Edition (Image courtesy of Maserati)

While Signora De Filippis passed away six years ago, there’s no doubt that she’d be happy to see the recognition of her contribution to racing is much greater than her record would suggest.

Diego Rosenberg
Diego Rosenberg
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