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Photo Gallery: Fourth-Generation Ford Mustang concept cars

A photo essay showing the evolution of the Mustang


Take a moment and enjoy our photo gallery of Fourth-Generation Ford Mustang concept cars

A fascinating idea, this shooting-brake concept hinted at moving the Mustang to compete against cars like the VW Golf GTI. The idea of a wagon-like Mustang has been a recurring theme since the 1960s (Courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
The only full-size clay model FWD Mustang concept, the styling here was quite contemporary and sleek, although not particularly exciting. In keeping with what many Mustang fans would call a wrong-wheel drive layout, the grille pony is running to the right, the opposite of every production Mustang (Courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
Boasting a tail from the 1970 Fastback, a huge front splitter and deep rear diffuser with rounded styling elsewhere, this looks more Matchbox dream than production reality on this 1994 Mustang concept sketch (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
One of the more attractive CT-20 based concepts, this 1994 Mustang concept sketch is very in-line with the popular aerodynamic cab-forward look of the late β€˜80s and early β€˜90s (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
Here we see the first winks of styling that would end up in production for the 1994 Mustang. The overset belt-line connecting with the headlamps and the shape of the taillamps are very familiar (Courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
Full-width taillamps were made popular with the first-generation Taurus and Sable, so it made sense to try them out with the Mustang. This didn’t pan out. The sloping rear deck on the right side of this two-sided clay model for the 1994 Mustang is similar to the Thunderbird of the same period (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
This alternative proposal dubbed, β€œRambo,” was deemed too extreme for production. (Courtesy of Ford Motor Company)

The fastback layout of the 1994 Mustang proposal named Rambo meant the car would likely have been a liftback, which was actually abandoned in production for the first time since the 1974 Mustang II (Courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
This was a 1994 Mustang theme car designed for use in marketing research clinics. It featured the basic proportions and styling elements for the Mustang in a very restrained execution (Courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
This convertible version of a 1994 Mustang theme had a hard cover over the folded top and a bold red interior. You can also see the dual cockpit intake was very far along in development at this point. This is one of the first concepts to feature tri-bar taillamps, in this case in the traditional vertical arrangement (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
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David P. Castro
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