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Question of the Day: What is your favorite four-door car?

Give us your take in the comments section


What is your favorite four-door car?

Give us your take in the comments section.

2014 Chevrolet SS
2014 Chevrolet SS (Image courtesy of Chevrolet)
David P. Castro
David P. Castro
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  1. In 1955 the Mercury Montclair was voted the most beautiful four door for 1955 and it still is a standout.
    I currently own a 1959 Ford Galaxie four door in germanium and white, a mid-year model “in the Thunderbird
    tradition”. It also won the “Most beautifully proportioned car” award at the 1959 Brussels World’s Fair.

    • The first car I remember my parents owning was a turquoise and white, 1959 Ford Galaxie Fairlane 500 4-door. It had a V-8 (not sure which size) and “3 on the tree” + Overdrive. We owned it until the Summer of 1970, when we FINALLY got a car with air-conditioning, as we were going to Texas in August on vacation. Ironically, 4 years later, my first car became an all white, 1959 Ford Galaxie Fairlane 500, with a 352 cu. in. engine and an automatic transmission. Mine, however, was a 2-door! I paid $100 for it in the Fall of 1974. Wish I still had it. So, since my first car was the same type as the first family car I remember, I’ll also vote for the 1959 Ford Galaxie Fairlane 500 4-door.

      Love you mom and dad! 😘😰

  2. I had a 1960 Desoto four dr 383 that I thought was a wonderful car. I got 17 mpg could travel comfortably at 80 mpg because of the torsion bar front suspension.

  3. For sure it is not the 1957 Ford Custom 300 four-door sedan show above.
    I did not like it new, I do not like it now. I never did like it.

  4. A 1976 Mercury Marquis that I bought when I was 16 from my dad. took it to the high school shop and proceeded to remove the cats from it and put on dual exhaust thanks to a great auto shop teacher. it woke the 460 up.

  5. I had an early 70’s Ford LTD four door back in the day, no post, it had a big block motor with duel carbs, AT, heavy duty suspension and posi. Bought it at a town auction with only 30K, I believe it was the chief’s car in plain brown wrapper but boy did she cruise fine.

  6. 1966 Pontiac Bonneville, car was beautiful inside & out and it had a ride like riding on a cloud. surprisingly powerful as well with the 389 4BBL.

  7. I’ll have to go with my 1962 Chevrolet BelAir. Twilight Blue with white top, 283 and Powerglide. I love the sound of a powerglide . It us music from my childhood.

  8. Gosh…

    I suppose my favorite all time 4-Door car that I’ve never owned but have always wanted to own would be a 1957 Ford Custom 300 that was 2-tone Blue…Hopefully, I will live long enough to finally find one and make my Dream come true…

    Joel Wiley
    Coolidge, GA.

  9. 1964 Ford Galaxie 500. Growing up in the 70s, my next-door neighbors had one…burgundy/white two-tone with white leather interior, bucket seats, and automatic selector in the center console. It was beautiful and they took great care of it. It was far “cooler” than my parents’ imports they were buying at the time, though I respectfully never told them so…:)

  10. For a 4 door post, which are usually really ugly compared to a hardtop, my choice is a 55 Chevy BelAir.
    The first new car my Dad ever bought, and I went with him when he picked it up.
    I’ve been a car nut every since!

  11. My favourite is a 1958 Chevrolet Impala. I just like the style of these cars. A departure for a Ford follower.
    Second on the list would have to be a Mustang coupe (nothback).


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