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AutoHunter Cinema: 1960 Volkswagen 21-window Microbus (4K video)



This video features a 1960 Volkswagen 21-window Microbus, also commonly referred to as the Volkswagen Type 2 or Transporter. Power comes from a 1500cc boxer engine producing just 53hp. This low horsepower output spurred the 0-60 eventually stickers you often find on various examples and you can imagine how slow it gets with your whole family loaded up.

Although once a very common vehicle, these have since started to vanish and prices have skyrocketed with everyone looking to get their piece of the groovy 60s. MSRP originally started at $2,245 but current market prices for excellent vehicles will exceed six figures.

Check out AutoHunter’s latest 4K video and many others at their YouTube page.


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