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Question of the Day: What is your favorite Ford Falcon?

Give us your take in the comments section


The Ford Falcon was one of the early compact offering by an American car manufacturer. Ford produced the Falcon in numerous configuration (coupe, sedan, station wagon, convertible) during its 12-year run, and it was the basis of the original Mustang.

So dear readers, What is your favorite Ford Falcon?

Give us your take in the comments section. Like my high school history teacher always told me, “There are no wrong answers.”

My take? 1965 coupe. Great profile and taillights.

1960 Ford Falcon station wagon
1960 Ford Falcon station wagon (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
David P. Castro
David P. Castro
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  1. 1964-1965 for the Falcon and 1963 or 1964 for the Comet. Wish the Falcon had adopted the triple tail lights and fins of the Comet.

  2. I have a ’63 170cid convertible, all original. I love the taillights on my 63 with the rocket bezel and the center backup light. I love the round body more so than the wedge.

    • A friend of mine has one for sale. I can’t remember the exact year but it’s between a 1962-1964; it’s fully restored and it’s for sale and location is in Stafford Texas. It’s a straight 6; on the tree. If you need more information I can take a trip to Stafford for you

  3. I had a 1964 Comet SR-22, with the 265c.i. V-8 and upgraded suspension. Bucket seats, tach and other sporty components. That was a very cool car.

  4. By far the 1965 Falcon Ranchero Deluxe. I owned a Vintage Burgandy and wimbeldon white, 289 4 spd, black bench interior with factory A/C. I know, I was crazy for selling it.

  5. Forgot to say, buddy Rog rolled the wagon over on the VT border. Went back to Albany, got his Morris Minor and proceeded on to NH to see a girl.

  6. I have a 1965 sedan delivery they are my favorite out of all falcon because not many people have ever seen them also the sleek design

  7. Overall I prefer the ‘61. It has the charm of the original ‘60, butvthr grille was much nicer and more deluxe trim available in ‘61 made for a nice car.

  8. in my own opinion, the 64-65 are the best body style. first car out of highschool was a ’64 Falcon Sprint Convertable. Maroon with a white top and a 260 automatic, w/power top. loved that car. loved the square body much better than the round body of the earlier model.

  9. I own a 1964 Ford falcon sedan delivery deluxe from my understanding the deluxe model there was only eight made I could be wrong, but that’s what I have learned over the years. I love it I upgraded with a 289 four in the floor totally redone.


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