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Meet Greg Fresquez and his 1966 Chevy Nova: The Drivers of AutoHunter (4K video)

A long-term restoration for a beloved Nova


The Drivers of AutoHunter is back with another employee profile.

Meet Greg Fresquez and his 1966 Chevy Nova. Although Greg has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years, his interest in cars goes back to his youth. Greg purchased this car back in his college days and it would become the base of a project that has now spanned almost 30 years. With the help from his stepdad this Nova has received a complete overhaul with new paint, interior, and a V8 was swapped in. This process kicked off a restoration project that’s paid off in ways that money can never measure.

This 4K video and many others at AutoHunter’s YouTube page.

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  1. Medium red 1965 Plymouth Satellite, 383 CU in., 330 HP, my bought new junior/senior year of high school car. Would have loved a 426 hemi. Gave it up for college and bought a 1958 VW light green.


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