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Holy Grail LS6 1971 Corvette offered in charity giveaway

June 28th is the last day to enter the charity giveaway


What determines a “holy grail” muscle car? One of the factors is rarity, and that leads us to today’s question. Is the LS6 454/425 ’71 Chevrolet Corvette a holy grail?

Short answer: Yes!

Before we dive into more details, you can win this big-block LS6 Corvette, plus $42,000 for taxes, (That means, the keys, the car and the title) in the Classic Corvette Dream Giveaway put on by our friends at the Dream Giveaway Garage. Click here to get your double entries before the sweepstakes ends in two weeks.

1971 was the 19th year of Corvette production and the fourth year of the popular Mako Shark styling that launched the C3 generation. The styling was timeless and wasn’t significantly changed until 1982.

A total of 21,801 Corvettes were built in 1971; 4,680 hardtops and 7,121 convertibles. The 350ci/4bbl base engine powered 14,567 Corvettes that year and 7,234 Corvette buyers opted for higher-performance engines.

If you were a Corvette buyer in 1971, those three performance engines included the LT1 small-block (1,949 made), the LS5 big block (5,097 made) and the LS6 big block (188 made). The numbers don’t lie, the LS6 is a holy grail ‘Vette.

1971 Chevrolet Corvette LS6
1971 Chevrolet Corvette LS6

Price was a factor in the LS5’s greater sales figures than the LS6. The LS5 added $295 to the Corvette’s retail price, but the LS6 added $1,221 to the car’s $5,259 base price. Many Corvette buyers in 1971 were priced out of the LS6’s performance.

War Bonnet Yellow, the color of the grand prize LS6 Corvette, accounted for 17% of ‘Vettes produced in 1971. From those numbers, we can approximate that 32 ’71 Corvettes came with the LS6 and War Bonnet Yellow paint.

One lucky person will win this LS6 Corvette and yes, friends, it has a four-speed manual transmission.

Don’t procrastinate. You only have until midnight on June 28th to enter. Be sure to get your double entries now.


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