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Question of the Day: Have you driven on Route 66?

Vote and let us know about your experience on Route 66, or if you want to drive on the iconic road


On Route 66 in Tulsa, Oklahoma a car vending machine is being developed to let people rent classic vehicles and drive on one of the most iconic road in the United States.

So dear readers, Have you driven on Route 66?

Vote and let us know about your experience on Route 66, or if you want to drive on the iconic road, in the comments section below.

My Take? I did, briefly in Flagstaff, Arizona and I want to do a proper cruise someday.

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David P. Castro
David P. Castro
David P. Castro is one of our lead writers. The Santa Rosa, California native is an experienced automotive and motorsports writer with a passion for American muscle cars. He is a credentialed automotive, NASCAR, and IndyCar reporter that graduated from the University of Nevada-Reno. A devoted F1 and NASCAR fan, he currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, son, Siberian Husky, Mini Cooper, and 1977 Chevrolet C10.


  1. Spent 18 days going from Chicago to Los Angeles, so much to see. Wonderful people all along the way.
    EZ66 guide by Jerry McClanahan is a must for the trip.

  2. Have driven 3 different times on different segments in AZ, NM, & TX the past 3 yrs. Sad in general to see another example of bygone Americana falling away. For example, no longer in play was the section just E of Albuquerque that used to produce “America The Beautiful” at 45 mph. Been paved over and signs removed.

  3. For me and 3 of my buds we went from from St Louis to Santa Monica on Route 66 for our 66th Birthdays. What a kick. We had intentions of renting or buying a 60’s convertible for the trip but that didn;t work out as we couldn’t find one that was comfy and safe so instead we ended up with a Mini Van. We rented a beat up Nissan Van. It got us where we needed to go. We had a great time even though one of us ended up with bed bug bites from a Marriott hotel. We didn”t have to pay for that nights hotel.

  4. Drove it end to end (or what’s left of it) in 2012. Especially like NM and the gravel road from San Jon to Texas

  5. Memorable cross-country family car trip (8 weeks) in 1956 in our 1955 Chrysler. Mom & Dad in front; sis & I in back 13 & 15 yrs old resp. Saw many, many sights in our wonderful vast country. No interstates XC Pennsy Turnpike. Thru towns and cities, famous national parks across America to West Coast and back. Still think of it today 67 years ago!

  6. I lived 6 blocks north of 66 from 1960 to 1970. Driven it many times between Santa Monica and San Bernardino. Driven it through Amboy, Barstow, Kingman, Williams, Flagstaff, Winslow and Albuquerque. Visited the WigWam motels in Rialto, CA and Holbrook AZ.

  7. Yes, many times! I’ve driven on a lot of it, but especially from Ashfork to Kingman, AZ. I knew Juan Delgadillo and know his son, also Juan of Snowcap Burgers in Seligman, Az. I also realized, although it wasn’t mentioned, that it was Juan Delgadillo that took Frank Shankwitz under his wing in “Wish Man” about the AZ Highway patrolman who started the Make a Wish foundation! I love the nostalgic feeling I get every time I cruise on old 66. I live in Prescott, Az and traveled as part of my job and took old Route 66 at every opportunity! PS: If you pay close attention you can see the older versions of the Highway going way back to the beginning. As you are driving on “Old Route 66” you can see the remains of “Old, Old Route 66” and even “Old, Old, Old Route 66!! I love it.

  8. My wife and I rode from Maryland to California on our 2004 Harley Davidson by a southern route and were “standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona” great trip rode mostly secondary roads. 8000 mi in 21 days southern route going, northern route coming back, 110 degrees in the Petrified forest in late May, 32 degrees in the Badlands of South Dakota in June coming back!

  9. In September 2021 we took a 13 day trip from Chicago to Santa Monica in our 2004 Thunderbird. The feeling you get driving on Route 66 on a sunny 80 degree day in a convertible can’t be described. We didn’t go on this trip by ourselves, we contacted Auston Coop at https://www.2laneamerica.com/route-66-tours. Auston planned our 13 day adventure and handled the itinerary, hotels, and everything else.

  10. Yes I am a native of Okla the stretch south of Clinton OK was at that time pretty rough but it was still Kool driving in the 60s listening to KOMA

  11. I have driven on Route 66 several times, around Springfield ,IL- through Litchfield, IL- and in Missouri before I 44 Was completed.Also some parts of AZ,

  12. From Amarillo to Flagstaff in 1972. From Williams to Needles in 2001 including the old Oatman Road alignment, great photos and memories.

  13. Drove it in the early 60s great memories from St. Louis to Arcadia in LA, I visited my friend and went to his place of employment which happened to be Felix Chevrolet, and I met a young lady singer that sang the song called Downtown it doesn’t get any better than that.

  14. Spent 3 we’re from Chitown to LA. My wife and I still believe it’s one of the best trips we’ve been on.

  15. I have ridden on 66 many times as a child when my family drove from our home in Houston to visit relatives in
    New Mexico and other four corner states…..I could come home and watch the guys on the tv show drive it
    and pretend to have their adventures along with them. Great memories….I finally did get the Corvette but never got
    to experience the events in those spirited tav shows…..sigh.

  16. yes it was a ride that will stay with me for as long as Im alive shipped 14 Harleys from Miami to Harley Museum rode to Chicago from mile marker 1 to Santa Monica pier 9 unforgettable days yes motor cycle is best

  17. Also drove from Chicago To La back in 1969, great trip on the way out. Stayed 2 months driving up and down Ca coast, seeing DisneyLand Big Sur, Redwood Forest, Malibu Beach, other things I can’t quite remember. Got pooped out and decided to take I-80 on the way back home.

  18. I haven’t yet driven on rt. 66 but I plan to drive the entire route on the ‘mother road’ in my convertible 1966 Corvair monza on the upcoming 100th anniversary!

  19. hello everyone , it’s going to take quiet some time to answer and describe, our…. 3 months drive from vegas to monterey beach cal. return to vegas and pick up the 73 corvette purchased and start to head back to detroit to put the car on the boat and send it to europe and take the plane back home to france,…. this trip took us 3 months in all has i was doing the builders show in vegas in 1993 to sell a concept house made out of kevlar anti seismic, burn proof and other…


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