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Pick of the Day: 1968 Ford Mustang coupe in High Country Special trim

One of 251 High Country Specials built


Limited-edition vehicle models have a certain allure, even if, by sheer definition, every make and model of vehicle is limited in some nature.  Still, that doesn’t keep an enthusiast from getting excited about knowing that his or her collector vehicle, such as this Mustang, was part of a finite series with special equipment.

The Pick of the Day is a 1968 Ford Mustang coupe in High Country Special livery being advertised on ClassicCars.com by a private seller in Allen, Texas.


“One of only 251 High Country Specials that were built,” the listing states. “They are similar to a California Special but destined for Western states like Colorado or Utah.”

The Marti Report that accompanies the ad confirms this claim, while providing additional detail around the Mustang’s build.  Among the data, we learn that its production took place on June 18, 1968, in San Jose and that the car’s official color is called Meadowlark Yellow. 

But importantly, the Mustang did indeed originate at a Ford dealership in Denver, Colorado, so its High Country regional designation was valid. The seller describes it as an older restoration that shows well. 

“Ready to cruise as-is or fix up as you drive it,” the seller says.  “Runs, drives, stops and shifts as it should.”  


Power for this Mustang mountain cruiser comes from a C-code 289cid V8, and the factory-installed 3-speed manual has been upgraded to a 4-speed.

The High Country Special, by the way, was much like many other “special editions” in that it was essentially just an appearance package.  According to a writeup on a website dedicated to this Mustang model, the only way to identify a High Country Mustang is through the small brass badges on its front fenders. 


The Mustang High Country Special was offered only in a handful of colors, all were built in San Jose, and further research confirms that they all were sold out of Colorado.

The seller is asking $28,500 for this limited-edition Mustang. 

To view this listing on ClassicCars.com, see Pick of the Day.

Tyson Hugie
Tyson Hugie
Tyson Hugie grew up in a family of gearheads and enjoys anything to do with automotive and motorsports. He is a contributing editor to Redline Reviews, a YouTube channel with coverage from major auto shows. He also writes for Arizona Driver Magazine and holds leadership positions with a number of car clubs. Tyson has lived in Arizona for 10 years and his current obsession is Japanese cars from the early 1990s which, though hard to believe, are now becoming classics. Tyson can usually be found exploring offbeat and obscure road trip destinations on his blog "Drive to Five," which started as a way to share travel stories and experiences with his now-550,000-mile Acura.



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