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Morgan launches its next-generation Super 3

We also share an update on DeLorean’s return, an electric Jeep, and much more


Morgan has revealed its new 3-wheeler, the Super 3. While built on the company’s 3-part aluminum chassis, Morgan says the Super 3 is its first vehicle with a monocoque structure. It adds that the 1.5-liter Ford 3-cylinder engine “significantly exceeds the power and performance figures of previous three-wheeled Morgan models.”

“At the very heart of Super 3’s personality is its driving character,” Morgan noted. “Primarily, a three-wheeled Morgan is a vehicle that entices you to get behind the wheel, offering a unique combination of mechanical feel, connection to the environment and visual differentiation from anything else on the road. Few vehicles will engage their occupants like Super 3, which encourages owners to feel present in the craft of motoring and entices them to embark on incredible adventures.

“As the company’s most configurable model to date, Super 3 offers an extensive list of options and accessories that allow owners to tailor their own experience. From adventure touring accessories to race-inspired liveries, Super 3 adopts multiple personalities to reflect the individuality of its owner.”

Deliveries will begin in June. Pricing in the UK starts at £41,995 ($55,750).

More on DeLorean’s return

We recently reported that DeLorean plans to return to the automotive marketplace, this time as an electric vehicle. Since that report, additional information has become available, including this from Italdesign:

“The future was never promised. Today, it is. The unique, long-lasting 40+ year partnership shared with DeLorean Motor Company comes out shaped as a ‘reimagined’ electric car featuring gullwing doors and the distinctive Italdesign styling appeal.”

“With DeLorean,” Italdesign business development manager Andrea Porta is quoted, “we’re working on a car that is the authentic expression of all the services Italdesign is well-known for on an international level. Starting from the styling, as we are official partner.”

Italdesign founder Giorgetto Giugiaro was the designer of the original DeLorean DMC-12 and the Italdesign news release quoted DeLorean’s new chief marketing officer Troy Beetz saying, “We are very excited that the next evolution of the DeLorean brand will be represented by our storied partnership with Italdesign and a vehicle that will showcase our vision of the future.”

By the way, that future will be revealed august 21 on the concept car lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Electric Jeep, ‘Dare Forward 2030’ revealed

Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler parent Stellantis has unveiled its “Dare Forward 2030” plan that includes all sales in Europe being 100 percent electric by 2030 with 50 percent of vehicles sold in the US being battery electrics.

With that in mind, Stellantis also showed photos of the first fully electric Jeep SUV, coming in early 2023, and announced an electric-powered Ram 1500 pickup truck will be coming in 2024.

Ford also sets transformation plan

Ford also announced plans for the future and the creation of distinct electric vehicle and internal combustion business units under Ford+. Ford Blue “will build out company’s iconic portfolio of ICE vehicles,” the company said, while Ford Model e “will accelerate innovation and delivery of breakthrough electric vehicles.” Ford Pro will continue as the company’s commercial vehicle division.

McLaren displays Artura art car

BMW recently revealed its newest art cars, and the 99 examples of the 8 X Jeff Koons are available for sale. There’s no mention in a news release of the price McLaren might expect for its art car, an Artura “featuring Nat Bowen’s signature artwork.” The car is on display through March at ME Dubai hotel, McLaren reports.

McLaren adds that Bowen is “a leading British abstract artist known for her vibrant, colorful pieces.”

The car’s art “explores the use of Chromology, representing the psychology behind color, as well as themes of ‘Art’ and ‘Future’,” McLaren said.

Callaway shows its 35th anniversary Corvette

Callaway Cars and Chevrolet have shown the limited-production RPO “PCY” Corvette celebrating the 35th anniversary between Callaway and Chevy. Only 35 such twin-turbocharged “B2K 35th Anniversary Package” C8 Stingrays will be produced, the news release notes.

The cars feature Callaway-manufactured carbon-fiber aero components, center-outlet “Double-D” exhaust, lightweight forged aluminum wheels, CNC-machined anodized aluminum pedals and other trim.

BMW, Ducati unveil new motorcycles

BMW has released its line of new 6-cylinder motorcycles, with prices ranging from $22,545 for the K 1600 B to $27,745 for the K 1600 Grand America.

The bikes — GT, GTL, B and Grand America — are powered by 1,649cc inline-6 engines that provide 160 horsepower and 133 pound-feet of torque, BMW reports.

“The K 1600 B provides low-slung ‘streamliner’ bagger styling accompanied by its motto ‘The Spirit of the Open Road’,” BMW reports. “It represents elegance, power and luxury on two wheels to allows the rider to experience every road, every tour and every moment.”

Meanwhile, Ducati has launched its Multistrada V4 for 2022 with new colors, including Iceberg White, with new electronic updates, which the Italian company will add without cost to earlier versions, and with enhanced accessories. Ducati notes that the Multistrada V4 was its best-selling motorcycle in 2021, its first year in the market. It adds that the bike was the first with front and rear radar with adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection.

Isuzu pickup truck in demand

A week ago, we shared news of Volkswagen’s new Amarok pickup truck that’s going into production soon. Now comes word that while another pickup not destined for the US is in production, component shortages and shipping issues are delaying deliveries of the Isuzu D-Max.

Isuzu’s truck is produced in single, extended and double-cab architectures and in versions from “Utility” with vinyl flooring to the V-Cross premium model.

Williams now part of Fortescue

Fortescue, the Australian-based specialist in green renewables and resources, has announced its acquisition of Williams Advanced Engineering and the “Infinity Train,” which it says is the world’s first zero-admission railroad transportation effort with a “regenerating battery electric iron-ore train.” 

The train recharges its batteries when traveling on downhill gradients.

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Larry Edsall
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