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Hennessey unveils plans for 6-wheel electric hyper-GT

‘Project Deep Space’ is one of three new vehicles coming in the next decade from the Texas-based specialty manufacturer


If you thought John Hennessey’s 6-wheel VelociRaptor pickup truck was outrageous, wait until you get a load of “Project Deep Space,” which Hennessey Special Vehicles says not only will be the world’s most expensive electric vehicle — pricing to start at $3 million — but also will be “a unique, ultra-luxurious, grand tourer that can transport four adults in absolute comfort along with four sets of golf clubs, plus luggage.”

Think ground-bound private jet, but with 6-wheel drive provided by a half-dozen, 400-horsepower electric motors for “astonishing grip and performance.” The private-jet reference especially works because of Hennessey designer Nathan Malinick’s experience doing private aircraft interiors.

Hennessey, Hennessey unveils plans for 6-wheel electric hyper-GT, ClassicCars.com Journal

Regarding the interior, the driver will seat front center with passenger seats on either side and slightly behind with a fourth “VIP” seat rear middle. Access will be through gullwing doors.

Oh, and the world’s first 6-wheel hyper-GT, with production scheduled to begin in 2026, is only one of three new vehicles Hennessey plans to launch in the next decade.

Plans call for 105 units to be produced.

“Of course,” Hennessey Special Vehicles adds, “given Hennessey’s trademark obsession with power and speed, it will be devastatingly fast with unmatched traction thanks to its unique six-wheel drive powertrain. With a 50 percent increase in surface contact over traditional four-wheeled vehicles, the performance of the Hennessey hyper-GT will be utterly astonishing.”

Hennessey has spent more than 30 years building some of the fastest and most exciting vehicles in the world,” John Hennessey is quoted in the announcement. “This mantra will continue for our next 30 years by introducing the world’s first fully electrified, six-wheel-drive hyper-GT. We believe that ‘Deep Space’, with six electric motors combined with six driven wheels, could be the world’s quickest accelerating four-seater from zero to 200 mph!”

Hennessey Performance and Hennessey Special Vehicles are based in Sealey, Texas, west of Houston.

Larry Edsall
Larry Edsall
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