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Grille master: Lexus LX 600 gets even more massive front fascia

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If you were wondering just how massive Lexus could make the spindle-style grille on its vehicles, look no further than the automaker’s new flagship SUV, the 2022 Lexus LX 600.

Lexus says the big vehicle’s massive grille comprises seven sets of floating bars to create a seamless and frame-free structure. It adds that the thickness of each bar is designed to enhance the flow of air to help cool the SUV’s twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine.

The fourth-generation LX has a new body-on-frame architecture and a structure that is 20 percent more rigid but 441 pounds lighter than its predecessor, according to the automaker. 

new car, Grille master: Lexus LX 600 gets even more massive front fascia, ClassicCars.com Journal

The interior features all sorts of display screens, including a 12.3-inch upper and 7-inch lower screen on the dashboard.

Pricing was not announced, but the LX 600 is to arrive at Lexus dealerships during the first quarter of 2022.

Murray’s T.50 unveiled at Goodwood

The T.50 supercar designed by Gordon Murray had its public debut this past weekend at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting, where racer Dario Franchitti screamed it around the Motor Circuit racing course accompanied by two of the track’s safety cars. 

The $3.1-million GMA T.50 is powered by a naturally aspirated 3.9-liter Cosworth V12 that turns to more than 12,000 rpm. Murray plans to produce 100 examples for worldwide distribution, with an additional Niki Lauda-edition versions for track-only use.

Moke going all-electric

new car, Grille master: Lexus LX 600 gets even more massive front fascia, ClassicCars.com Journal
Moke production facilities (above) and colorful EV models (below)

Moke International is accepting orders for its switch to all-electric vehicles, with deliveries to begin in summer 2022, according to the British company based in Northamptonshire.

“Moke going electric secures the appeal of one of Britain’s best loved marques for many generations to come,” Moke International chief executive Isobel Dando is quoted in the company’s announcement. “Moke’s marriage of fun, personality and open-air thrills will only be enhanced through the performance and silent running of an electric powertrain. We are proud to write a new chapter in one of British automotive folklore’s best love stories.” 

“Nothing matches the thrill of traversing the world’s most beautiful beach resorts in an open-top Moke,” the company said in its announcement. “This experience is only made more fun through the instant and silent power delivery derived from an EV powertrain. 

“Indeed, the new Moke sprints to 55km/h (35 mph) in just 4.5 seconds.”

The company notes that top speed is 62 mph and that charging takes only 4 hours, and that a Moke can make five roundtrips between Cap-Ferrat and Monaco on a single charge.

“All Mokes can be ordered in right- or left-hand drive,” the company said, adding that prices start at £29,150 ($39,962).

Non-fossil-fuel motorcycle due in 2025

new car, Grille master: Lexus LX 600 gets even more massive front fascia, ClassicCars.com Journal

Swedish electric-bicycle manufacturer Cake and Vattenfall, a Swedish-based company that provides power to customers in several European countries, have announced plans to produce the world’s first “fossil-free” motorcycle (photo above) in 2025. 

Prodrive will race on sustainable fuel

new car, Grille master: Lexus LX 600 gets even more massive front fascia, ClassicCars.com Journal
T1-class Prodrive BRX

Prodrive, the British rally and racing team, says it will compete in the upcoming FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies with sustainable fuel it has developed in partnership with UK-based Coryton Advanced Fuels. Prodrive Ecopower fuel is produced from agricultural waste and by capturing carbon from the atmosphere, the partners said in their announcement.

The competitive debut for the fuel will be the Bahrain Raid Xtreme and the fuel also is to be used in the Dakar Rally in January in Saudi Arabia.

“I am a great advocate of motorsport taking the lead in developing, proving and promoting new technologies that can help address climate change,” Prodrive chairman David Richards is quoted in the announcement. 

“Covering thousands of miles across the toughest terrains, the Dakar and the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies are the perfect environment to showcase the benefits of the next generation of sustainable fuels and demonstrate that they can be used in road vehicles to reduce the use of fossil fuels, while still offering the same performance and range.”

While developed for motorsports, Prodrive said Ecopower is a direct replacement for unleaded petroleum fuel and also will be used in the company’s non-racing road vehicles.

Larry Edsall
Larry Edsall
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