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The Drive with Alan Taylor: Aston Martin DB5, James Bond’s featured cars

Listen as the radio/TV host and guests talk about 007’s superstar cars

In the latest episode of “The Drive with Alan Taylor,” Hollywood car consultant Josh Hancock joins the show to talk about the new James Bond movie and the cars featured in the film, like the Aston Martin DB5, Aston Valhalla, a 1973 Aston Martin V8 and a few Land Rover Defenders.

The duo switches gears to discuss Ford’s $11.7 billion investment in its “Blue Oval City” manufacturing plant where the automaker will build its F150 Electric Lightning.

Next on the show is automotive journalist Steven Cole Smith to talk about the controversial winning at the Talladega NASCAR race and his experience taking a 4-door black diamond edition Ford Bronco off-roading.

Taylor wraps up the show with Brian Moody, executive editor for Autotrdaer.com, as they go through Autotrader’s list of the 10 best vehicles under $10,000.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00:00] – 007
[00:05:51] – Aston Is Back!
[00:12:33] – Oval City
[00:19:55] – Bubba Wallace
[00:27:47] – Cars are Capsules
[00:35:57] – Black Diamond Edition
[00:42:19] – Stimulus Check
[00:48:53] – Mod2Fame
[00:54:53] – Cars and Politics
[01:02:14] – Autotraders Top 10
[01:11:25] – Outback Wilderness
[01:18:19] – Car Care Tips

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