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Ready to sell your collector car? We’ll share sales tips in September

Setting your car’s value, preparing for its sale, and where to sell among subjects we’ll be covering


Back in May, we published a series of stories about purchasing your first, or your next, collector car. Our thoughts at the time was that you might purchase a car in the spring, drive it through the summer, and then sell it in the fall.

Now, as fall approaches, we’re doing another series of stories, this time about how to sell your collector car. 

Subjects we plan to cover include, but won’t be limited to:

  • setting a value for your vehicle
  • cleaning and preparing it for either a potential buyer’s examination or for photographs for an advertisement or auction catalog
  • photographing your vehicle to optimize its sale potential 
  • deciding whether to sell privately, through an online auction, or at a live auction, and the costs to you as the seller for each sales outlet

We’re also eager to share your stories about your own experiences in selling a vehicle. What worked for you? Do you have tips on selling that you’re willing to share? If you do, please relay them to us at [email protected].


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