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Barrett-Jackson acquires ClassicCars.com and Collector Car Network

Auction company’s parent adds AutoHunter, Journal, Future Collector Car Show to its portfolio


Barrett-Jackson Holdings, the parent company of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, has announced the acquisition of the Phoenix-based Collector Car Network Inc., including its well-known properties ClassicCars.com, AutoHunter, The ClassicCars.com Journal and the Future Collector Car Show. The acquisition furthers Barrett-Jackson’s mission to grow the collector car market through strategic alignment of best-in-class brands and world-class customer service.

Barrett-Jackson Auction Company and ClassicCars.com are two of the most-respected companies in the collector car hobby,” said Craig Jackson, chairman and chief executive of Barrett-Jackson. “Our internationally broadcast live events and their online platforms are unrivaled.

Barrett-Jackson, Barrett-Jackson acquires ClassicCars.com and Collector Car Network, ClassicCars.com Journal
Chairman and Chief Executive of Barrett-Jackson Craig Jackson

“Working together, we will better serve our booming customer base, as well as attract the next generation of collectors to the hobby. This strategic step has the potential to fuel unparalleled expansion of the collector car market.”

Founded in 1971, Barrett-Jackson has long been on the forefront of the industry, and particularly in the online space since 1994 with respect to online auction catalogues, online bidding and livestreaming.

Continuing to adapt and improve processes to make the hobby more accessible has become a hallmark of Barrett-Jackson, and this acquisition of a well-respected and established online company is the latest example.

Barrett-Jackson, Barrett-Jackson acquires ClassicCars.com and Collector Car Network, ClassicCars.com Journal
President and Chief Executive of the Collector Car Network Roger Falcione

“We see this acquisition as an enormous growth engine for the collector car marketplace,” said Roger Falcione, who will remain president and chief executive of the Collector Car Network, which draws 5 million visitors a month to its websites. “Our two companies are perfectly aligned to be the leading resource for car collectors worldwide, including the rising generation of collectors who are evolving the market.”

Like Barrett-Jackson, the Collector Car Network is based in the Phoenix area. It is a four-time winner of the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies and is comprised of four world-class brands, including:

  • ClassicCars.com – Five-time Stevie Award winner for Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year. Attracts over 4 million visitors each month and supports the largest online network of buyers, sellers, dealers and auction houses.
  • ClassicCars.com Journal — Reaches over 500,000 monthly readers and is recognized as one of America’s most influential online automotive websites.
  • AutoHunter.com — Launched in 2020 and offers a simple, convenient online auction site supported by a seasoned team of automotive experts who guide, inform and educate buyers and sellers. 
  • Future Collector Car Show – Hosts more than 12,000 guests to their annual show and features vehicles that target the next generation of car lovers, as well as the up-and-coming cars of today.
2019 Future Collector Car Show
2019 Future Collector Car Show

“Roger and his team have built an exceptional organization with an award-winning customer-service culture,” Jackson said. “Like Barrett-Jackson, they have built incredible brand equity over the years. Combined with Barrett-Jackson’s customer-service record, expertise and world-class marketing efforts, we will make it even easier for everyone to engage in the hobby.”


  1. Here again the little guy is going to be racked over the coals and the cost of finding a classic car to be driven on the weeks by the everyday man will skyrocket! How does the majority of the classic car market being controlled by one large corporation help? It doesn’t.

  2. We have all seen the crazy prices that the cars go for at the BJ auctions. When you look at the people that are bidding there all you see is $$$$$$$$. The “hobby ” has gone the way of the dollar bill and very soon will not include the guy who lives down the street but the fellow that has come from Wall Street or owns three car dealerships. Joe who lives down the street and works at the Home Depot will never be able to afford to out bid these people.

  3. It’s nice to see growth, support, and enjoyment, but what about average people??? We are priced out of the hobby!!! And, the so called finance companies???? They don’t cater to main street, only to the well healed wall street 6 figure people. They don’t care to modify requirements, understand no one is perfect, just kick everyone out and cater to money.
    What gives????

  4. Stop whining.about money. Wealthy or new rich have always been able to acquire expensive and rare valuables. Spices, tulip bulbs, diamonds, race horses, etc. Yup, it is all about money. Always has been always will. Grow up.
    The flip side is all the millions of old disabled cars in fields, scrapyard, roadsides that are around. Bought on the cheap. Parts now available. Fix them as drivers and enjoy. Ten years ago, worn out C10 pickups were orphans. Do the work, enjoy the process, drive it and then sell to scrooge mcduck.

  5. Just like Kevin hart they set him up on his green corvette they just bid him up and dropped him st 850,000 The car was only worth at the most 200 to 300 k


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