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The Drive with Alan Taylor: Ford’s new wild child

Listen as the radio/TV host and guest talk about the Ford Bronco, Dodge SRT Hellcat Redeye, Hyundai Venue Denim and Subaru Ascent

In a new episode of “The Drive with Alan Taylor,” automotive industry analyst and Forbes Autos contributor Karl Brauer joins Taylor to talk about the new Ford Bronco, Panasonic selling all its Tesla stock and the microchip shortages automakers are facing.

A familiar voice of the podcast, automotive journalist BJ Killeen, joins the show to discuss her experience driving the Mustang Mach-E and the new Hyundai Venue Denim.

Next on the guest list is Perry Stern, the editor of AutoNXT.net and a contributor to MSN.com. Stern and Taylor talk about the record-breaking sales seen in the RV industry, Stern’s Subaru Ascent he uses to tow his own RV, the new AMG Nighthawk speed boat with 2,250 horsepower and Taylor’s experience driving the 2021 Dodge SRT Hellcat Redeye.

To wrap up the show, Alan invites editor in chief of Car Coach Reports, Lauren Fix, to chat about the major shortage in rental cars and test driving the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00:00] – Retro and Modern
[00:05:27] – Train Turn Assist
[00:12:30] – Panasonic Sells! [00:19:51] – Don’t Buy…Wait.  [00:29:02] – Let Me Hear You Roar!
[00:35:52] – Hellcat!
[00:42:12] – Selling Like Hotcakes.
[00:48:59] – 800 Horses
[00:54:41] – Nighthawk
[01:02:01] – Uber and Lyft
[01:10:46] – Cars to Bikes..Hmmm
[01:18:01] – Worth It.

To learn more about “The Drive with Alan Taylor” visit the podcast’s website.

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