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Shelby unveils 825 horsepower Super Snake Speedster

Turn your Super Snake into a two-seat roadster with Speedster-edition package


Shelby American unveiled its 2021 “Bundle of Snakes” trio at the recent Taste of Motorsports Experience event at the Bondurant Racing School in Arizona.

“The 2021 model year represents a significant new chapter at Shelby American,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “This is the most diverse group of Ford Mustang-based Shelby’s in our history.”

“The unprecedented energy spent on our lineup demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the enthusiast,” added Shelby American’s chief designer and vice president of operations, Vince LaViolette.

Shelby’s 2021 Super Snakes and GT at Taste of Motorsports Event | Photo by Racheal Colbert

“We dialed in a unique personality for each car targeted into a specific type of driver. And then we spent countless hours, miles and laps refining the vehicles.”

The trio includes the Shelby GT, Shelby GT500SE, and the most exciting of the bunch – the Shelby Super Snake with a limited-edition convertible Speedster Edition package.

“While the amazing Ford Mustang is a world-class car from the factory, our team created additional models so we can offer something for everyone who dreams of owning a high-performance Shelby,” said Patterson. “From the daily driver Shelby GT to the technically sophisticated Shelby GT500 SE package and the limited-edition Shelby Super Snake Speedster, we’ve never offered so many choices.”

Let’s dive into the car everyone was most excited to see – the 2021 Super Snake Speedster that “traces its roots back to the one-off experimental car created by Shelby American in 1967,” Shelby American noted.

The 2021 Super Snake model is powered by an 825-horsepower supercharged Ford 5.0-liter V8 and launches from 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds. It’s available with a manual or automatic transmission and either a fastback or convertible. Base price is $133,785.

The Super Snake Patterson and LaViolette unveiled at the Taste of Motorsports event came equipped with the new Speedster edition package that turns your Super Snake into a two-seat roadster with a Tonneau cover. The suggested retail price for the package is $4,995.

2021 Super Snake Speedster edition shown at Taste of Motorsports event | Photo by Racheal Colbert
Super Snake Speedster Tonneau cover that can be removed and stored in the trunk

It also featured the optional wide-body package, aluminum front fenders, steel hood, and special striping and badging.

“The new Speedster is stunning,” said Patterson. “From a styling perspective,  there is simply nothing like it on the road.”

“With the wide-body option, it’s a rare combination of sleek elegance and American muscle Machismo. This is the automotive equivalent of a powerful heavyweight boxer fitted into a stylish, fine suit. And with only 98 available in the US, it will be ultra-rare.”

Standard performance features for the Super Snake include a Shelby by Borla exhaust system, performance half shifts, Ford Performance wheel studs and track handling pack, 20-inch one-piece forged aluminum wheels, and Shelby by Brembo brake system.

The car also has new seat designs that mock the hood of a cobra with “Super Snake” embroidered below the headrest.

To celebrate founder Carroll Shelby’s 98th birthday, Shelby is building only 98 models of each 2021 Shelby trio car, including 98 of the Speedster-edition model.

The Shelby Super Snake is offered through select Tuscany and Ford dealers across the US.

To learn more about the Speedster edition and the new Shelby GT and GT500SE, visit Shelby’s website.

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