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Harley-Davidson offers its first ‘Adventure Touring’ motorcycles

Pan America models designed for those who ‘see touring as detouring’


Harley-Davidson has launched its first “Adventure Touring” motorcycle, the Pan America models, that represent “the company’s selective expansion into a high-potential segment that is one of the largest in many European markets and has untapped potential in the U.S.”

The company also said it intends “to reinvent” the Cruiser segment with upcoming vehicles. 

The Pan America is available as the 1250 or the 1250 Special and is aimed at “riders who see touring as detouring – on road and off,” the company said. “This rugged, powerful, technologically advanced multi-purpose vehicle is designed from the ground up to inspire rider confidence and fuel the spirit of adventure, wherever the road may take you.” 

Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson offers its first ‘Adventure Touring’ motorcycles, ClassicCars.com Journal

“From its inception more than a century ago, when many roads were little more than dirt trails, Harley-Davidson has stood for adventure” Jochen Zeitz, Harley-Davidson chairman, president and chief executive, is quoted in the announcement. “I’m very proud to present Pan-America as the first adventure touring bike designed and built in America. 

“The Pan America models exude that go-anywhere spirit, shared today by riders in the US and around the globe who want to experience the world on a motorcycle.” 

To share the new bikes’ story, Harley turned to actor and brand ambassador Jason Momoa to produce a 25-minute video:

The Pan America is powered by a new 150-horsepower Revolution Max engine, a liquid-cooled V-Twin “designed to offer a broad powerband that builds to a rush of high-rpm power.”

To minimize overall motorcycle weight (the Pan America 1250 weighs 534 pounds and the 1250 special 559 pounds), the engine is integrated as the central member of the chassis.

Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson offers its first ‘Adventure Touring’ motorcycles, ClassicCars.com Journal

“Pan America models are equipped with technologies designed to enhance the riding experience, including multiple electronically controlled ride modes plus Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements,” Harley-Davidson said. “This broad collection of technologies is designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking. 

“The Pan America 1250 Special model is equipped with electronically adjustable semi-active front and rear suspension. As an industry-first innovation, Pan America is equipped with Adaptive Ride Height, a revolutionary new suspension system which automatically transitions between a low stopped position and optimal ride height when the motorcycle is in motion.”

The company adds that, “Like a good multi-tool, function leads the form of these Harley-Davidson models. From grab handles to integrated luggage mounts, to a horizontal headlamp configured to better illuminate an off-road trail, function defines style.”

Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson offers its first ‘Adventure Touring’ motorcycles, ClassicCars.com Journal

The Pan America 1250, base price $17,319, and Pan America 1250 Special, $19,999, are scheduled to arrive at Harley-Davidson dealerships in Spring 2021.

For more information, visit the Harley-Davidson website.

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