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Callaway has lighter wheels for C8 Corvette

Wider but lighter wheels retain factory tire setup


Corvette specialist Callaway Cars is producing lighter weight 9-spoke wheels for the latest C8-generation of the Chevrolet sports car. Callaway says the wheels reduce rotational mass by 26 pounds compared with the factory wheels. 

Although slightly wider (1/2-inch) than the factory wheels, the Callaway set is designed to retain the original-equipment tires, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (ZP).

“The fully-forged aluminum construction offers increased strength, offering peace-of-mind against cast wheel bending and cracking caused by poor road surfaces,” Callaway said in its news release. 

“The new wheel set is 23 percent lighter than the cast OE wheels: 19 percent front, 26 percent rear. Offset is slightly reduced for a flush appearance and increased track width.

“Reducing unsprung mass and rotational inertia offers many vehicle performance benefits as less energy is required to accelerate, change direction, and decelerate the wheels,” Callaway continued. “Plus, the suspension has less work to do to maintain a proper tire contact patch with the road surface. This means that driver inputs are more efficiently communicated to the tires: acceleration, steering inputs and braking.”

Callaway added that it prefers odd-numbered spoke designs “to convey a proper visual and mechanical balance.”

The thin-spoke design also promotes brake cooling, it added.

The new wheels will be available in Spring 2021, Callaway said, and will be available in Satin Black, Gloss Titanium, Matte Bronze, Black Chrome or Ceramic Polished finishes and have a 3-year warranty.

For more information, including pricing, visit the Callaway Cars website.

Larry Edsall
Larry Edsall
A former daily newspaper sports editor, Larry Edsall spent a dozen years as an editor at AutoWeek magazine before making the transition to writing for the web and becoming the author of more than 15 automotive books. In addition to being founding editor at ClassicCars.com, Larry has written for The New York Times and The Detroit News and was an adjunct honors professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.


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