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What was your favorite car-centric Super Bowl commercial?

You picked your favorite ads from the past, now you can vote on the LV commercials


Last week we posted a dozen of our favorite Super Bowl car commercials of all time and asked you to vote for your favorite. Jeep’s “Groundhog Day” featuring Bill Murray was crowned the winner with 26.9 percent of the votes.

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Poll results from our “A dozen of our favorite Super Bowl car commercials” article asking readers to vote for their favorite commercial.

Now that Super Bowl LV has come and gone with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as champions, we want to know your favorite car-themed commercial that aired during the game Sunday. Take a look at the commercials below and cast your vote in the poll at the end of the article.

No Way Norway | General Motors

To promote its commitment to pushing out 30 new EVs by 2025, GM throws shade at Norway. Will Ferrell spirals when he finds out Norway sells more electric cars than the US, out EV’ing us. He recruits fellow comedians Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina to meet him in Norway to give Norwegians a piece of their minds. I guess these new GM EVs don’t come with GPS as Will finds himself in Sweden and Kenan and Awkwafina somewhere in Finland.

In Norway, the University of Agder didn’t hold back in its hilarious response video, “Sorry (not sorry).” It “apologizes” for not checking with America first before becoming the leading country in EV sales and tries to cover up the other great aspects of Norway, so Will doesn’t go punching another globe.

Upstream | Toyota

It was no surprise that messages of hope and strength were a common theme after a difficult year. One of these inspiring commercials was Toyota’s “Upstream” ad. In 60 seconds, Toyota shared swimmer Jessica Long’s moving story of becoming one of the most decorated Paralympians in US history. Toyota ends its ad with the inspiring statement: “We believe there is hope and strength in all of us.”

Finish Strong | Ford

Ford urged the nation to continue practicing safe COVID-19 guidelines as vaccines became more widely available in its #FinishStrong Super Bowl commercial narrated by actor Bryan Cranston. As part of its #FinishStrong campaign, Ford announced it will be distributing 120 million masks to communities getting hid by COVID-19 the hardest and that Ford has received patent-pending approval for a new clear respirator certified to N95 standards.

The Middle | Jeep

Jeep kicked off Super Bowl LV by inviting us on a road trip to the US Center Chapel in Kansas. With Bruce Springsteen in the driver’s seat, Jeep urges the nation to meet in the middle, find common ground and celebrate the freedom we share.

ScissorHandsFree | Cadillac

In a spoof of the 1990 film Edward Scissorhands, Cadillac shows off the new Lyriq model equipped with Super Cruise technology. The spot follows Edward’s son, Edgar, who has inherited his dad’s shear hands, having a hard time doing everyday tasks. His mother, Kim, played by Winona Ryder, gifts Edgar the new Cadillac Lyriq so he can drive Scissorhands-free.

F9 Trailer | Fast & Furious

In the mix of automotive manufacturer commercials, the Fast & Furious franchise dropped the latest trailer for F9, expected to come out this summer. In just 30 seconds, we see “realistic” stunts and over-the-top car wrecks – what else do you expect from a Fast & Furious film?

Dealership Pain | Vroom

Thanks to Vroom’s online used-car company, we don’t have to put up with the torture chamber known as a dealership showroom anymore. In its overly dramatic ad, Vroom shows us how painless buying a car online can be.

What did you think about Super Bowl LV’s car-themed commercials? Vote for your favorite below or let us know in the Comments.

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Racheal Colbert
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  1. I don’t pick best of a bad lot. They were all bad and I wouldn’t buy one of the vehicles showcased. Particularly the Cadillac. Waste of money.

  2. My favorite was Reddit. The most ingenious ever…only 5 seconds long. You thought you saw something, and then said “What was that”….then backed up to it, paused it, and “Read-it”. They got more than their money’s worth.

    And what about Samuel Adams spoofing of the Clydesdales & mocking Budweiser for opting out?


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