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A dozen of our favorite Super Bowl car commercials

From Darth Vader to a Porsche heist, these automotive Super Bowl commercials never fail to entertain


My favorite part of the Super Bowl is the commercials, hands down. The snacks come in a close second.

In anticipation for Super Bowl LV this Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we’re sharing 12 of our all-time favorite automotive Super Bowl commercials.

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The One | Ford GT Commercial | 2004

In just 60 seconds, Ford grabbed every gearhead’s attention as it unveiled the Ford GT to the world for the first time. The commercial follows the GT as it goes for a ride around the Thunderhill Raceway in Northern California.

Imported from Detroit | Chrysler 200 Commercial | 2011

Rapper and Detroit-native Eminem gave the 2011 Super Bowl audience a tour of the Motor City in a Chrysler 200 with his Academy Award-winning track “Lose Yourself” playing in the background. The commercial helped in rebuilding Chrysler’s image and Detroit’s reputation.

The Force | Volkswagen Passat | 2011

You can’t help but smile while watching Volkswagen’s 2011 commercial promoting the Passat. A spoof on Star Wars, the commercial follows a youngster in a Darth Vader custom attempting to use the force on household items and ultimately failing. It’s not until his dad pulls up in a Volkswagen Passat does he discover his “powers.” 

Super Bowl Blackout | Chevy Colorado | 2015

Chevy caused a worldwide panic right before kickoff at the 2015 Super Bowl. To promote built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi in the Chevy Colorado, Chevrolet “broke” viewers’ TV connections making them think they would miss the start of the game.

Groundhog Day | Jeep Gladiator | 2020

Bill Murray finds the silver lining to living the same day over and over – adventures in a bright orange Jeep Gladiator with his new groundhog friend. Jeep’s spoof of the 1993 film Groundhog Day reminded viewers that no day is the same with a Jeep in your life.

Horsehead | Audi R8 | 2008

To promote the R8, Audi aired this commercial during Super Bowl XLII. In a spoof of The Godfather, a man wakes up covered in oil and grease only to find the bumper of his car under the covers at the bottom of his feet. We hear the man screaming in “horror” as the Audi R8 drives off.

Pontiac GTO Humbler | 1970

In 1970, Pontiac aired this commercial that gave birth to the “We take the fun of driving seriously” slogan. It features a young man pulling into the crowded drive-in in his new GTO Humbler, catching everyone’s attention as he drives around the parking lot.

Dreamer | Nissan Datsun 300ZX Turbo | 1990

It was only a dream, or at least that’s what 1990 Super Bowl viewers were thinking after watching Nissan’s commercial promoting the 300ZX Turbo. In the commercial, the 300ZX magically outraces an F1 racer and a fighter jet.

The Heist | Porsche | 2020

As its first Super Bowl commercial since 1997, Porsche aired “The Heist” during the 2020 game. It captured viewers with a thrilling car chase between the fully electric Porsche and a dozen other iconic Porsches.

First Date | Hyundai Genesis | 2016

Hyundai pulled out all the stops to entertain Super Bowl fans in 2016. To showcase the new technology in its Genesis sedan, Hyundai aired a 60-second commercial featuring comedian Kevin Hart. With the Genesis’ Blue Link Car Finder feature, Hart tracks down his daughter while she’s on a first date to make sure she gets home safely. 

Soap | Chevrolet SSR | 2004

Chevy’s 2004 Super Bowl commercial produced a lot of laughs. It starts by showing kids with soap bars in their mouths – a punishment hard to forget. The camera cuts to a kid looking out at the new Chevy SSR in awe. As he starts to say, “Holy…,” the roar of the SSR cuts him off.

Green Light | Ford Mustang Convertible | 2005

Convertibles in winter are like oil and water; they just aren’t meant to be. At the 2005 Super Bowl, Ford aired its “Green Light” commercial showing off the new Mustang convertible. It features a driver who couldn’t wait to put the top down despite the snowy weather frozen at a green light.

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Racheal Colbert
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  1. Actually, my favourite is a Nissan Pathfinder series of Commercials played during the 1984 (?) Super Bowl, showing a couple of newlyweds driving off from a US City to moneymoon in Rio de Janeiro.


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