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WD-40 Company and TechForce Foundation inspiring a new generation of transportation professionals

‘Be A Pathfinder’ campaign helps you discover your learning style and pave your education and career path


(Editor’s note: this story is sponsored by WD-40 Company)

A new year brings along a whole new set of decisions and while the Covid-19 pandemic seems to have thrown a wrench in a lot of our future plans, it’s also given us time to reflect and explore different opportunities. This is especially true for young students and their parents.

WD-40 Company and TechForce Foundation inspiring a new generation of transportation professionals
TechForce Foundation

To help these students, the TechForce Foundation, a nonprofit promoting the potential of professional technician careers, has kickstarted its “Be A Pathfinder” campaign, supported by WD-40 Company, that inspires students to discover and understand their learning style and see if a future in the transportation industry is the perfect fit.

“Everyone has a learning style, some people are visual learners, some learn best by listening, and some are hands-on – they learn by doing,” TechForce says in its campaign announcement. “For these hands-on learners, a career in a hands-on field, such as the high-tech transportation industry not only suits their strengths, but also brings them satisfaction and security.”

As part of the “Be A Pathfinder” campaign, TechForce offers a free online quiz to help students identify their learning style, visual, auditory, or kinetic, and a detailed report with educational and career advice based on their learning style.

Visit the campaign page here to take the learning style assessment.

“For too long, we’ve accepted as truth that a college degree is the only way to get ahead and we’ve overlooked the gifts, talents and significant contributions of students who don’t fit the four-year mold,” says Jennifer Maher, chief executive, and executive director of the TechForce Foundation.

“For students who are mechanically minded, and learn best when they’re in action, a quality technical or vocational education can be the path to success.”

To support its campaign, TechForce is teaming up with WD-40 Company, known for developing and selling superior performing maintenance products that solve problems in auto shops, garages, factories and homes around the world.

“WD-40 Company shares our passion for helping the next generation of technicians discover and embrace this rewarding career path,” said Maher. “For TechForce, it is a great brand alignment.”

WD-40, WD-40 Company and TechForce Foundation inspiring a new generation of transportation professionals, ClassicCars.com Journal

Greg Kershaw, director of digital marketing at WD-40 Company, echoes Maher’s excitement:  “There’s a shortage of technicians in the industry right now, so we wanted to be part of the solution – helping reach that next generation of hands-on problem-solvers to get them excited about the trades. Since TechForce Foundation has a comprehensive industry-wide plan to do that, it was an easy decision to join forces and tackle the challenge together.

“We want more middle- and high-school students, along with their parents and guidance counselors, to know that the four-year college route isn’t the only path to success. The transportation industry offers rewarding, high-tech and in-demand careers that may be a better match for hands on learners”.

To help support TechForce’s “Be A Pathfinder” campaign, WD-40 Company is driving awareness by sharing the campaign with its customers and members of their Techs and Trades program. 

“The Tech & Trades Program builds off WD-40 Company’s work with industry partners and associations by providing product education to tradesmen in automotive, construction and industrial professions,” explains Adam Lindquist, manager of trade association partnerships at WD-40 Company.

“By joining the WD-40® Brand Techs & Trades Program, professionals receive member-only offers, industry news, content from skilled-trade influencers, and product use and tips that will help them become more effective in the workplace – saving time and money throughout their careers,” he added. “Whether they are an industry veteran or learning the fundamentals of the trade, we’re committed to providing tradesmen and women with the tools to get the job done right today and well into the future.

“The synergy between the program and TechForce Foundation allows us to maximize our efforts in reaching, educating, and empowering the next generation of transportation professionals.”   

To learn more about TechForce’s “Be A Pathfinder” campaign and take the learning assessment quiz to discover your unique learning style, visit TechForce’s website.


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