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Jay Leno customizes 2021 F-150 celebrating his car care products

Walmart and Jay Leno’s Garage team to create affordable car care line


Jay Leno has partnered with Walmart to create a line of professional car care products available at an affordable price. To pay homage to Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, and to celebrate the launch, Leno transformed a 2021 Ford F-150 to match Walton’s 1979 that he drove until he passed in 1992.

“Both Walmart and Jay Leno’s Garage share a passion for offering innovative, time-saving products that deliver professional results at a great value,” Leno is quoted in the announcement.

“To celebrate the introduction of our car care products through Walmart, we customized a 2021 Ford F-150 to look like the ’79 truck that Sam Walton drove to deliver products to his stores.

“Truly a workhorse, Sam kept it in top condition throughout his life. Our car care products can help hardworking people keep their vehicles looking just as great at a low cost that Sam Walton would have appreciated.”

The initial items being offered in the Jay Leno’s Garage – Advanced Vehicle Care brand include:

  • Leather Conditioner: a moisturizing crème that will help bring your car’s leather back to life
  • Quick Detailer: maximizes shine and maintains the appearance of waxed surfaces
  • Radiant Ceramic Sealant: a sprayable, SiO2-based ceramic coating that provides months of paint protection
  • Vehicle Wash: car shampoo that lifts dirt and grime without leaving a soap residue
  • Trim & Tire Care: a waterborne formula that leaves long-lasting shine on your tires
  • Wheel Cleaner: a brake duct cleaner that is safe to use on aluminum, alloy, chrome, powder coat, painted and clear coat wheel finishes
  • Leather Cleaner: removes dirt, grease, denim transfer and stains from natural leather
Jay Leno's Garage car care products restore 1979 Ford F-150

Leno and his team also tracked down an original 1979 F-150 custom pickup that is almost identical to the one Walton drove. They demonstrated the new car care product line to restore the truck and demonstrate the line’s quality. 

Walton’s F-150 can be found in the Walmart Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Walton's Ford F-150
Alan Dranow at the Walmart Museum with Walton’s ’79 F-150

“Seeing the two F150s side-by-side in Jay’s garage was like witnessing a family reunion of past and future classics,” said Alan Dranow, director of the Walmart Museum. “I think Sam would’ve been happy to see the modern version of his old red-and-white. It has all the updates he’d want to keep current with today’s technology, and technology was important to Sam.”

You can shop the Jay Leno’s Garage – Advanced Vehicle Care line through the Walmart website and in stores beginning the spring of 2021.

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  1. I’ll have to look for Jays car care products at Walmart in a couple months when it’s warm enough to start washing my own car again. And forget the new 2021 F150 I want the 79!


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