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Rotary rebuild: Mazda offers restoration parts for RX-7

Japanese automaker expands program for mostly FD generation


Mazda has been building new parts for the original MX-5 Miata for a couple of years and even offers a full restoration service over in Japan.

Now it’s expanding the parts program to the RX-7, specifically the second- and third-generation models, known to fans as the FC and FD, respectively.

Right now, the parts are only available in Japan but we could eventually see them offered in the United States, like Mazda does with its MX-5 parts.

Rotary engine parts are among the offerings

There are around 90 parts for the RX-7, most of them for the FD generation. They include all the things that tend to wear out or go missing over time, like rubber tubes, gaskets, and fasteners and bolts. There are also more complex parts, like sensors and engine parts.

You can view the full list here, though most of it is in Japanese. Mazda also said that this list only represents the start of its plans for RX-7 parts and that more are coming.

The FC generation of the RX-7 was launched in 1985. It introduced notable improvements over the original, including the Turbo II model which pushed output to 200 horsepower. It was a good car, but the FD generation that arrived in 1992, the final RX-7, would become the icon so many enthusiasts love today. It brought a new rotary engine fitted with a sequential twin-turbocharging setup.

Sadly, Mazda has no plans for a modern rotary-powered sports car. It will launch a modern car with a rotary engine, however. The automaker said in October that battery-electric versions of its MX-30 crossover SUV will be available with a rotary range extender starting in 2022.

Note, Mazda isn’t alone in offering restoration parts for its own classics. There are number of rival Japanese automakers doing the same. One is Nissan which earlier in December announced a full restoration service for its R32, R33 and R34 Skyline GT-Rs.

This article was originally published by Motor Authority, an editorial partner of ClassicCars.com.


  1. I’ve always been a fan of the first-gen RX7 for the simple reasons that it’s lighter and more simple. Although the third generation model is just downright quick! Is it possible, or has anyone done this before; of swapping a third-gen motor into a first-gen body?

  2. ya, but.

    Some 471 THOUSAND 1st gen RX7 sold, mostly in USA. And what car does Mazda support? The third model “FD”.
    All of which total about 69,000 – gets the Factory nod for support. Oh, and your 1st Gen Miata too. *sigh*
    no respect for your Elders…

    Stu A (owner 80GS RX7. Biased? Moi?)

  3. I am dieing to buy a first generation Mazda RX7. However, my mechanic tells me the rotary engine requires special training and parts are very difficult to find

  4. Thanks for the information you provided in this article. I am glad Mazda will be offering restoration, but a bit sad Mazda has no plans for a modern rotary-powered sports car. All the same, I hope they change their mind. Anyway thanks for the article, and Happy New Year 2021.


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