Get Retro Cool With This 54k Mile ’72 Vette At Autohunter

Earth-tones abound inside and out on this nicely kitted early 70s Vette for sale on AutoHunter.


(This post was originally published by HotCars and written by Dave Goldberg.)

This 1972 Corvette was a standout vehicle in its day. Admittedly, this was a year that featured the Watergate break-in and an automotive field with the Ford Pinto and Chevy Vega. But the Vette faced no other domestic 2-seat competition and the period’s import coupes were focused on finesse, not brute strength. This Vette is equipped with Chevy’s ubiquitous small block 350 ci V-8 and three-speed automatic transmission, making it more of a cruiser than street terror.  The seller reports that the car has spent most of its life in the Hot Springs, Arkansas area. This listing on autohunter.com is one of many classic and newer vehicles available on the auction site.

A Non-Stock Repainting

, Get Retro Cool With This 54k Mile ’72 Vette At Autohunter, ClassicCars.com Journal

The vehicle shows 54,000 miles on the odometer. CarFax reports are not available for vehicles made before 1981, however, the seller vouches for the mileage claim and states that he knows the previous owner and his 30-year ownership of the Vette. The seller says he added about 400 miles to the car during his two-year ownership.

The seller states the car’s “custom two-tone orange scheme was recently done. ”While this configuration takes it away from stock appearance and may affect its value, the exterior certainly has that 70’s vibe. This Vette fits in well with its era of avocado-green kitchen appliances and shag carpet.

The car has later-model 15” wheels with Dunlop Radial G/T Qualifier tires – other than the photos, there is no information about wheel condition or tread life. The exterior continues with T-top roof panels, classic pop-up headlights, and fender vents. Front and rear wraparound chrome bumpers and a side-pipe exhaust complete the outside view.

Base Engine, Clean Interior

, Get Retro Cool With This 54k Mile ’72 Vette At Autohunter, ClassicCars.com Journal

The VIN shows that this car has the base ZQ-3 V-8 engine that was good for 200 hp when new which reflects 1972’s introduction of mandated power-reducing emission tuning. Fortunately ,1972 emmisions tuning wasn’t as severe as subsequent years. This car has the optional 3-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission. Power disc brakes are on all four corners. There is no service history other than the seller remarking that he helped the previous owner keep the car in good condition.

The tan interior appears to be in clean condition with no excessive wear on the driver’s seat and adjacent areas.  The top of the center armrest does appear to be a replacement with different color upholstery. The dashboard looks to be in good condition and the carpet is new. The seller reports that the air conditioning, radio, and clock function with no problems.

As of this writing, 14 bids have brought the price of this Vette to $19,850 with two days left before the auction ends.


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