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My Classic Car: A childhood memory comes to life

His parents sold their family car and decades later he purchases the same make and model


Growing up, my parents had a green 1977 Lincoln Town Car. As a young kid, I remember being in absolute awe of just how beautiful that car was, everything from the pointy fenders, the vinyl top, Rolls-Royce style grille and just the sheer length and overall size of this car. To me it was just about the classiest car on the road.

I loved to cruise around in the back seat of what seemed like my own personal limo, with my Dad as chauffeur and my Mom riding next to him.

1977 Lincoln Town Car
The family 1977 Lincoln Town Car

The time came for my parents to buy a newer car and were ready to trade it in. I begged them to let me have it instead. Of course, they said no as I was 8 then.

They traded it in on an ’82 DeVille. I was totally crushed. My parents saw this and tried to convince me the ’82 Caddy was a great car. To me it would never be the Lincoln.

Over the years, from when I was 15 and up, I’ve owned a lot of cars. Multiple Lincolns, Cadillacs, a few BMWs, a few Mercedes and even a ’76 Rolls Royce. But I never forgot about the Lincoln.

Just last year, a beautiful 1978 Town Car became available on Craigslist at a dealership in Bloomfield by where I live. I immediately piled my wife and daughter into our car and headed out to see it.

1978 Lincoln Town Car in white

As soon as I saw it, I was in love. 59,000 original miles from a one owner family and stored indoors never to see winter or bad weather. It was a stunning white with Landau roof, leather interior and was fully loaded.

After test driving it, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I looked at a few other cars, including an older Bentley, but kept going back to the Lincoln.

Finally, I decided to go ahead and make the deal and I’m very glad I did. She’s put away for the winter now but I know me and my family will love cruising in her come Spring!

—Thomas Higgins, Webster NY

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  1. Great story, and a great car also. There is no better feeling than for-filling a dream especially when it comes to cars. I, like Tom am looking for that one car and no matter what else you have or buy there is that one that you need. The one you can’t get out of your mind. Good luck Tom with your car.

  2. Great nostalgic story. I had the same situation with my dad’s 1973 black Lincoln sedan. I learned to drive in it. He traded for a 1975 town car. I loved the 1973 style. Great memories.


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