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Share your feedback: the Journal reader survey

Let us know what stories you'd like to hear from us


When we launched the Journal back in 2014, our mission was to create the go-to daily automotive news source for car collectors and enthusiasts alike. Starting with writing only two articles a month, our editorial team has grown to publish more than 10,700 insightful and thought-provoking stories and cultivated nearly half a million monthly readers.  

Our editors include some of the most respected automotive journalists, including our Founding Editor Larry Edsall and Associate Editors Bob Golfen and Andy Reid. Edsall, a former editor at AutoWeek magazine and the author of nearly 20 automotive books, has also written for The New York Times and The Detroit News. Golfen is a longtime automotive writer and editor who formerly wrote for The Arizona Republic and SPEED.com. Reid, a car collector and concours judge, was a columnist for Classic Motorsports magazine for 12 years and writes about auctions for Magneto, the quarterly British magazine.  

As we move forward, we want feedback from our readers so we can continue to grow and publish the most interesting and relevant stories. Please take a moment to complete the survey below about your experience reading the Journal, the type of stories you’d like to see from us in the future, and the kind of collector cars that interest you the most.  

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To learn more about the Journal and the most significant stories that have affected the automotive world, tune into our podcast episode featuring Larry Edsall and Bob Golfen. 

The ClassicCars.com Journal podcast episode with Larry Edsall and Bob Golfen.
Editors Larry and Bob chat about the history of the Journal and how it came to be what it is today.

Thank you in advance for your loyal readership and for helping us remain the go-to daily automotive news and collector car information source worldwide.  

Share your feedback with us by taking our Reader Survey.

Rebecca Nguyen
Rebecca Nguyen
Rebecca is an experienced automotive motorsports photographer and enthusiast of all things with wheels. Former Marketing and Project Coordinator for several aftermarket brands, Rebecca has a unique perspective developed from being on several different sides of the automotive world. From developing innovative automotive products to doing her own DIY modifications on her 2003 Subaru WRX and 2014 Ducati Monster, Rebecca’s passion for the hobby brings fresh ideas to The Journal. In addition, she has spent many years publishing event coverage for events like SEMA, Formula Drift, and Global RallyCross while coordinating the annual Future Collector Car Show in Scottsdale Arizona.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyable. Your emails and articles are a welcomed “bright light” during these difficult times.

    I very much look forward to reading them

  2. I enjoy reading your stuff. I enjoy the diversity. The American slant is relevant to us here in New Zealand because most collector cars imported here come from USA.
    I have a Mustang that was sold new in Japan. As such it has a kilometer speedo and ugly little indicator lights let into the rear bumper because cars sold in Japan have to have orange rear indicators. The authorities there insist on those things but they’re happy with right hand drive in a country where drivers normally sit on the right. Go figure.
    I particularly enjoy the articles where readers talk about cars they own or owned.
    Years ago you published the story l submitted of my ninety day trip around USA some of which was done in my 1972 Catalina station wagon l’d bought sight unseen through Ebay.
    I shipped the car home to NZ and used it for a while but it took up a lot of space, used a lot of fuel and what does a single, unattached man need with a car that seats eight?
    Sorry, strayed from the point: l would’ve done your survey but l couldn’t find it. Don’t change a thing.


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