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Video of the Day: Guy catches kid playing on his driveway


Tom Stahler
Tom Stahler is the Managing Editor of the ClassicCars.com Journal. Tom has a lifelong love of cars and motor racing – beginning with the 1968 USRRC race at Road America, in a stroller, at eight months of age. His words, photos and broadcasts can can be found on a myriad of media. He has won the Motor Press Guild’s Dean Batchelor Award and a Gold Medal in the International Automotive Media Awards.


  1. Buddy I am so glad that you did what you did !!! This really made me feel great as I head off to work this morning. I really have been wondering after all the terrible circumstances in the world if people want to get along and share . Thanks very much I promise I will do something in the same manner as you did . Bless you .

  2. I read the headline and thought negative right away – why would someone be so angry about this?? It was so refreshing to watch this video and be reminded of the great number of positive people still out there! Thanks for making that kid, his mom/dad and as it appears many other peoples day a bit better.

  3. Maybe he started this kid on his way to be a champion MotoGP racer or a winner at the Isle of Man Senior TT. Nicely done!!!!

  4. My hats off to you! Thank you for your efforts. That kid will remember this all his life, and you improved his riding skills ! More people should be like you , improving things instead of the opposite!

  5. Actually my first thought (before you built the course) was why aren’t the child’s parents stopping him from entering your driveway? They’re standing there letting this behavior continue. My parents would have NEVER let me do that! Instead they instilled in me the value of personal property and to leave other people’s property alone.
    I hate to be “that guy” but I see it differently.

    • Hi JDM. I see your point. Childhood is also a lot different now — in a kind of overprotective, smug parent kind of way. I think what the homeowner did was super cool — but unfortunately humanity is having the empathy sucked out of it, and this does not happen often.

  6. After watching this at work and tearing up (thanks a lot!), I realized others felt the same after reading their comments. That little kid reminds me of my grandson who is 4 years old now. My wife draws similar tracks for him on our driveway. It does seem like a simple thing, but for these little boys, when someone pays a little attention to them they are on top of the world. Thanks for sending this out.


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