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1991 Porsche 911 crafted by Singer visits Jay Leno’s garage

Bespoke 964 Targa ‘reimagined’ as total automotive performance art


California’s Singer Vehicle Design is back with another one of its bespoke creations, this time with the iconic Porsche 911 Targa as its inspiration.

The car is called the 911 Honor Roll Commission, presumably with the “Roll” here a reference to the rollover bar, and it recently visited Jay Leno at his famous garage in Burbank, California.

The car started out life as a 1991 Porsche 911, which means the 964 generation, but being one of Singer’s “reimagined” vehicles, it’s unlikely there’s anything stock remaining. For instance, the whole body apart from the doors is made from carbon fiber, which helps bring the weight of the car down to just 2,700 pounds.

The body of the Singer 911 is mostly carbon fiber | Singer Vehicle Design photos

A peak 390 horsepower and 315 pound-feet of torque comes from a 4.0-liter flat-6 out back, which is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and drives the rear wheels only. That’s the maximum amount of power available in a Singer, as the company believes it’s the best match for the Porsche chassis.

However, Singer did work with Williams to develop a more powerful engine for its Dynamics and Lightweight Study. Velocity stacks on the fuel-injected Porsche engine give it a “throatier” sound closer to a carbureted engine, and dual-exhaust tips with a black ceramic coating exit from the center of the rear fascia.

porsche, 1991 Porsche 911 crafted by Singer visits Jay Leno’s garage, ClassicCars.com Journal
The Singer customer opted for the orange-and-gray interior

The exterior paint is a delicious take on the traditional gunmetal gray, while the roof piece is kept black. For the interior, the customer has chosen a bright shade of orange which lines almost every surface, including a strip running the length of the dash.

The time taken to build the car was around 4,500 hours, which Singer spread over two years. Yes, it’s a time-consuming process but the end result is nothing short of automotive art. If you want one, be prepared to wait. According to a company spokesman, there’s a waiting list that stretches out about 130 cars.

This article was originally published by Motor Authority, an editorial partner of ClassicCars.com.


  1. Singer, founded by the lead vocalist of the band “Good Charlotte” (get it?) builds 911s that make the factory envious.
    Was priveleged to see one of their first efforts, a couple years back.
    Awesome is overused and underappreciated. The Singer 911 I saw was as if God himself wanted the best. sports. car. ever. EVER! And summoned it by decree.
    And ‘tho a fan of ridiculous power-hammer GT2s, I believe Singer’s done right by limiting the hp.
    A 911 is meant to work with you, not lie in wait then murder you at your first mistake; lotsa 911s went off-road backwards, you recall, with lots less power than Singer offers.
    Oh- and without the AWD supersciency computer übermind that controls new 911s. A car that fits your hands, challenges your skills, and will make you become either a collector or vastly better driver.
    Either way, I’m jealous. Oh, so jealous.


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