Video of the Day: Drones fly through Mercedes museum

Mini drones with 4K cameras flew for 3 days while the museum was preparing to re-open

Drone-flight video includes a shot as the mini machines fly through the open Gullwing doors of a 300 SL | Mercedes Museum photos

As part of the preparation for its recent re-opening, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart allowed filmmakers Daniel Wagner and Andre Jung from to fly a pair of small drones through the facility to produce a 4-minute video of the flight.

The flight starts outside the museum, enters through a rooftop door and then flies above the various exhibits — even through the open doors of a Gullwing 300SL — before exiting on the ground floor.

The drones also fly through the interior of a Mercedes bus. 

The filming was done with a pair of mini drones, each weighing less than 4 ounces but carrying high-resolution 4K cameras.

“Here at the Mercedes-Benz Museum we are always trying to implement new things and take unconventional paths on our social media channels,” said social media manager Michael Abele. 

Filmmakers Daniel Wagner (left) and André Jung and their mini drones

“The green light for filming was given under the proviso that the vehicles would be protected from being damaged at all times. That’s why the filmmakers practiced the particularly tricky shots intensively in advance with real obstacles and also made use of digital simulations.”

Filming took place over three days, with much time devoted to proper lighting, only a rapid flight ensured nice, flowing tracking shots. 

This required a lot of experience and practice,” he added. 

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In fact, he added, in the finished video the speed of the recording was in many places digitally slowed to achieve an optimum speed for the viewer. For example, for the steep turn in the Legend 7 room with the racing and record vehicles of Mercedes-Benz.

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