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Featured listing: All The Right Curves – Ford F-100

Not just a pretty face, this Ford F-100 has curves too!


This ClassicCars.com Marketplace featured listing is a 1956 Ford F-100 for sale in Bakersfield, California. This has curves and flair and will catch the eyes of even the most jaded. And, we aren’t just blowing hot air up you skirt.

One look at this 1956 Ford F-100 and the word bodacious comes to mind. This is curvaceous, and the rounded surfaces are begging to be caressed. Yet, this Ford F-100 didn’t start out this way. Back in 1956, pickup trucks were not the glamourous machines we see today. A pickup truck was generally basic and minimalistic machines primarily used for farming and hauling. Sexy is not the word that leaps to mind back in the 50s.

1956 Ford F-100
1956 Ford F-100

Coincidentally, back in 1956, an attractive professional actress legally changed her name, casting aside her challenging upbringing. Her humble roots growing up in the Los Angeles area were complicated by being shuffled from foster care to orphanage homes, and being sexually abused at a young age. Married at age 16 and growing up as a teen during World War Two served as the backdrop to one of most memorable Hollywood screen legends. The year this Ford rolled off the assembly line was the year Norma Jeane Mortenson owned her persona of Marilyn Monroe.

Like Marilyn, over the years, the 1956 Ford F-100 became much more attractive and popular. This was no longer the cast aside like an unwanted child but embraced for what it could be given the opportunity.

1956 Ford F-100
1956 Ford F-100

In 1953, when Ford changed the design, the name also changed from F-1 to F-100. Ford also offered such wonderful technology laden options for the well-to-do farmer like dome lights, sun visors, seat belts, and even a radio. For ’56, the F-100 featured vertical “A” pillars and wraparound front glass. Plus, an optional wraparound rear glass was also for the asking. At the time, engine choices ranged from a 215 cubic-inch (3.5-liter) six on the low end, to a 390 (5.9-liter) Lincoln Y-Block V8 on the top end.

The current owner bought this in 2015. The prior owner was the caretaker since 1971. This modified 1956 Ford F-100 is fit with a rebuilt Ford 289 coupled to a C4 automatic transmission.  For the restoration the truck was completely disassembled, and media blasted. All the metal and paint work were done by Brandon at TL’s Rods and Restro. The chassis work was done at Hot Rod Garage. Power brakes, windows, locks, and tilt wheel… yes, yes, yes, and yes. This is completely redone and ready to show and drive. 

1956 Ford F-100
1956 Ford F-100

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