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5-year-old nabbed driving to California to buy Lamborghini

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Here at ClassicCars.com, we believe in engaging youth to develop passion for the motoring hobby from a very early age. But what do you say to a boy who wants to drive from Utah to California to buy a Lamborghini?

I certainly would encourage it – unless the boy has only $3 in his pocket, no driver’s license, and the real clincher: he’s only 5!

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper pulled over a driver who was swerving so badly he thought the driver needed medical attention.

Trooper Rick Morgan told Salt Lake City’s KUTV, “I approached the vehicle and I was expecting to find somebody who needed an ambulance or paramedics.”

When the window came down, Morgan was surprised to see “a very underaged driver who was behind the wheel.”

The 5-year-old, Adrian, had managed to get the keys for his parents’ Dodge Journey SUV and drive the 2 miles to Interstate 15 in Ogden, Utah, when the trooper noticed him.

According to the Utah Highway Patrol, “His story is that he left home after an argument with Mom, in which she told him she would not buy him a Lamborghini. He decided he’d take the car and go to California to buy one himself. He might have been short on the purchase amount, as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet.”

The parents were contacted and took custody of both the child and the car. No one was injured in the series of events and no Lamborghinis were sold.

Clearly the kid is a “Car Guy.”

Tom Stahler
Tom Stahler
Tom Stahler is the Managing Editor of the ClassicCars.com Journal. Tom has a lifelong love of cars and motor racing – beginning with the 1968 USRRC race at Road America, in a stroller, at eight months of age. His words, photos and broadcasts can can be found on a myriad of media. He has won the Motor Press Guild’s Dean Batchelor Award and a Gold Medal in the International Automotive Media Awards.


    • Yeah, exceptional danger to his and other’s lives, other’s property, and more aggravation for already stressed law enforcement officers.
      What’s not to love?
      Parents should skin that lil bottom, then deal with social services for neglect.
      What if Junior hit a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, or, say, you? Or missed/ran railroad crossing arms?
      No. Grotesque entitlement, attitude, and apparently zero parental supervision. This had the potential to end very, very badly.
      This is not a good story, regardless of outcome.

      • Ryan, you are absolutely right. Had something gone terribly wrong, it would have made the 24-hour news cycle — and none of us would be laughing. However, and thankfully, no one was harmed and it made for a a cute story. Have you ever been told that you don’t have much of a sense of humor? Thanks for reading!


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