First time out: The Lotus 49

History is made as the Lotus 49 and Cosworth DFV make their combined debuts at Zandvoort

Gulf Porsche 917

The Ford Cosworth DFV was a revolutionary motor. It won 155 times in Formula One between 1967 and 1985. This video of the day shows the Lotus 49 — a car that was designed around the Mike Costin and Kieth Duckworth (Cos-worth) creation making its debut during the third race of the 1967 season.

Formula One planned a return to the sand dunes of Zandvoort on the North Sea in the Netherlands in 2020. But considering current circumstances, looking back in history will still give us a nice view of the picturesque popular tourist-area track.

A V8 with four valves per cylinder, the engine and transaxle was essentially part of the structure of the car. Needless to say, in the hands of Jimmy Clark and Graham Hill, these technological marvels made a very decent showing for the first time out. Jimmy had never seen the car and Graham had just a few hours of testing.

Sit back and enjoy genuine innovation from 53 years ago…



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