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Featured listing: Status Symbol – 1930 Pierce-Arrow Club Sedan Model B

Today, when you think of superior cars, you think of Roll-Royce. But, in 1930, Pierce-Arrow was the name that the elite were thinking of.


This ClassicCars.com Marketplace featured listing is a 1930 Pierce-Arrow for sale in Orlando, Florida. Disney World might be close by, but the mouse doesn’t have a ride like this.

Bigger is better, until it isn’t. That sums up Pierce-Arrow in a nutshell. The origins of the company date back to 1865, however the production of cars didn’t initiate until 1900. The first offering, a steam-powered machine, didn’t fare well. However, this provided the momentum for a gas-powered car in 1901. 

1930 Pierce-Arrow Club Sedan Model B
1930 Pierce-Arrow Club Sedan Model B

The company’s first petrol effort was a single-cylinder model, and that was then upgraded to the two-cylinder Arrow model in 1903. In ’04 the number of cylinders doubled once again. Pierce found its groove. All future models were tailored to the well-heeled crowd. There were no affordable, entry-level products. In 2007, George Pierce sold his company and it was renamed in the following year as Pierce-Arrow.

The Buffalo, New York company was essentially the Rolls-Royce of America. Alongside Pierce-Arrow, Peerless and Packard were the standouts in the new form of transportation. Pierce-Arrow was known for big engines. But, big is sort of an understatement. The motors started out at 473 cubic-inches (7.4-liters) and grew over time to eventually 823 cubic-inches (13.5-liters).  These were like locomotives on the street! Innovations like four-valves and three spark-plugs per cylinder showcased the technical prowess of Pierce-Arrow. The large 8-cyclinder models really set their company above the other OEMs.

1930 Pierce-Arrow Club Sedan Model B
1930 Pierce-Arrow Club Sedan Model B

The demise of the company came in 1938 as a result of the depression and the lack of a model that the public could afford. One can easily relate to the struggles the company ran into. However, similar to this 1930 Pierce-Arrow, the reputation has lived on  long after the company’s name became a footnote in chapter of car companies that have folded.

The 1930 Pierce-Arrow Club Sedan Model B is impressive. This model for sale is representative of the make. The headlights that are integrated into the front fenders were a signature of the brand and was readily identifiable in the dark. Today, designers also use lights as a means of creating a unique look to their models. 

This 1930 Pierce-Arrow is a clean example and comes from a museum collection. This original motor has been rebuilt and has about 20 miles on it. The transmission is a manual. The exterior and undercarriage are rust-free. Pierce-Arrow earned a reputation for reliability. This runs, drives, has plenty of room for the whole family, and will look great in your driveway. And, if you are looking for something special, the odds are your neighbor won’t also have one in their driveway.

1930 Pierce-Arrow Club Sedan Model B
1930 Pierce-Arrow Club Sedan Model B

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