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Featured listing: Re-living History – 1909 Overland 38 Touring

Overland started something that hasn't faded away over time. Its only gotten stronger.


This ClassicCars.com Marketplace featured listing is a 1909 Overland Touring for sale in Arvada, Colorado. Over a century old, this Overland has more than a few stories to tell.

As this 1909 Overland was originally unloaded from the train in Arizona, it drew a crowd, as it should. This was the first car sold and titled in the state of Arizona. In its day, this was a gateway to advance transportation. After all, for most, the other option was a horse. But today it represents a lost world.

1909 Overland 38 Touring model
1909 Overland 38 Touring model

The 1909 Overland 38 Touring car came at a time of forward-thinking people, exploration, and opportunities. In 1909 the US Army bought the world’s first military aircraft, a Wright Military Flyer. In the same year, several teams of rugged men pushed the limits of human potential and reach both the north and south poles. Also, the Anglo-Persian Oil Company is incorporated, which later becomes BP. And, the automobile is seen as more than simple transportation with the opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at the end of the summer of ’09.

In short, this 1909 Overland 38 Touring model embodies not just the state of transportation, but the birth of a new era. America didn’t have much in terms of infrastructure, and any machine had to survive in a hostile environment. The Overland, as the name indicates, had the right stuff.

1909 Overland 38 Touring model
1909 Overland 38 Touring model

Overland was purchased by John North Willys in 1908, and in 1912 the company was renamed Willys-Overland. At the onset of WWII, Willys-Overland turned to producing transportation for the military. The notable outcome was the Willys MB, which was more commonly referred to as the Jeep. The lineage might be a bit choppy, but one could say the 1909 Overland Touring played a key role the development of Jeep. And, that not only proved to be essential to the war effort but was arguably the cornerstone of the SUV.

This particular 1909 Overland 38 Touring model is in near pristine state, and there were only five prior owners of this car. President Roosevelt, a tough as nails, larger than life character, was at the dedication of Hoover Dam in 1911. This car was right alongside our President at this significant event. 

This was restored in 1954, including paint and reupholstered with a highly skilled craftsman. Each owner has shown a deep love and dedication towards this car. And, this has been cared for while in storage for the past five years. Its history is well documented.

1909 Overland 38 Touring model
1909 Overland 38 Touring model

The Redbird color paint on the exterior and black interior properly represent this early 20thcentury machine. This is ready for its next owner and adventures.

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