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Featured listing: Nostalgia Revisited – 1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan

It wasn't the best of times, but every dark cloud has a silver lining. In 1937 it was the Plymouth 2-door Sedan


This ClassicCars.com Marketplace featured listing is a 1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan for sale in Perryton, Texas. The period that gave birth to this model put an emphasis on value, and this rod does the same today.

Plymouth brand came into being just a year or so before the start of the great depression and 14-months prior to the crash on wall street. The powers that be at Chrysler didn’t have a crystal ball, however they did see the need for an affordable brand to push back against Chevrolet and Ford. This, as it turns out, was fortunate timing and good luck. The Plymouth model was sold in Chrysler, Desoto, and Dodge dealerships, which helped them stay afloat in that turbulent time. If it hadn’t done so, the corporation could have been swept away in the economic undertow.

1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan
1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan

In November 1932, Plymouth came out with a new, 107”, shorter wheel-base coupe, but it didn’t resonate with the public in terms of sales. This model was known as the PC. To counter this, Plymouth brought out another model utilizing the Dodge 112” longer wheel-base but retained the look of the Plymouth released in the prior year. The PD, as it was known, came as either a two or four-door sedan.

The  1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan was initially fit with a six-cylinder. That same engine found a home under the hoods starting in 1933, and the six-cylinder stayed in the Plymouth sedans until 1959. The sedans were identifiable by their stylish grill and humpbacks for the trunk area.

1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan
1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan

The 1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedans exemplify the style associated with the gangsters of the time, complete with running-boards. The curved panels and headlights erected proudly on-top of the front fenders make this recognizable to most enthusiasts. 

This particular ’37 has off-white paint with blue accents, providing a unique touch without being over the top. The interior features tan color and cloth seating material. This does look suitable for anyone’s burgeoning car collection or simply as a perfect weekend cruiser. The original six-cylinder has been replaced with the power and reliability of a 350-crate engine. This is coupled to the comfort and convenience of an automatic transmission. Dual exhaust completes the picture. And just for peace of mind, this 1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan comes with new tires and battery, to ensure safer travels. It might not protect the new owner from the law or gangsters, but it might help ward off unnecessary towing charges.

1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan
1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan

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