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That’s a zinger! Well, actually it’s a Czinger

21C is the first in a series of performance cars from new LA-based automaker


Czinger is pronounced “zinger” and you may be saying that name quite a bit in the future assuming its promised series of performance vehicles lives up to the company’s expectations. The first of those vehicles, the 21C, was unveiled March 11 in London.

Although Czinger is based in Los Angeles, it unveiled the 21C at the Royal Automobile Club in London in the aftermath of the cancelation of the Geneva Motor Show, where the car was to be shown for the first time.

Czinger plans to produce 80 examples of the 21C, which will be built from components “computationally engineered and optimized for weight, efficiency and performance” after which “a team of artisans then seek perfection in the assembly, fit and finish of the vehicle.”

Czinger says the cars will weigh less than 1,200 kilograms (2,665 pounds) and will be propelled by 1,250 horsepower hybrid powertrains that include a 7-speed automated sequential transmission and all-wheel drive. Customers will be offered two versions of the transmission, one designed for track use and the other biased for daily road use.

The cars will come with tandem-style seating in a very narrow cockpit, though those opting for the track version can get their car without the rear seat.

Further, the company added, “revolutionary engineering, never before seen on a production vehicle, combines structural systems plus cooling, fluid routing, and even exhaust sound management within the chassis structure.”

Tandem seating setup
Chassis in profile

The powertrain includes a twin-turbocharged 2.88-liter V8 engine developed in house with electric motors powering the front wheels. The company said the car will sprint to 62 mph in 1.9 seconds and will be capable of reaching 248 mph in less than 30 seconds from a standing start.

The 21C will be the first in a series of vehicles the company plans to produce, it said.

Czinger was founded by Kevin Czinger, a Yale graduate who was a senior investment manager before launching Coda Automotive and Coda Battery.  

The company’s chief technical officer is Jon Gunner, who was technical director at Koenigsegg and who also worked on the 2005 Ford GT program. Czinger’s chief design officer is David O’Connell, who previously worked at Peugeot, Citroen and Mitsubishi.

Larry Edsall
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