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One-year-only model, 1983 Porsche 911SC Cabrio, and priced affordably

The Pick of the Day represents the first 911 cabriolet and the last for the SC nameplate


Many people believe that the air-cooled Porsche 911 market is inflated to the point that they have become unaffordable.

I beg to differ. In the past 9 months, the prices on those sports cars have fallen quite a bit, and if you spend time shopping, you can find a nice 911 for less than $30,000.

A perfect example is the Pick of the Day, a 1983 Porsche 911 SC Cabrio being advertised by an Oakwood, Georgia, dealer on ClassicCars.com

porsche, One-year-only model, 1983 Porsche 911SC Cabrio, and priced affordably, ClassicCars.com Journal

The 911SC Cabrio is a very interesting car. This was Porsche’s first true convertible 911, rather than a Targa, and when new, it was hailed as a landmark design.

Over the years, some 911 purists have written off the ’83 Cabrio as not a pure 911. That is nonsense. The 911SC Cabrio was not a cut-roof car but was re-engineered to be a convertible with considerable added chassis stiffening, something we did not see in the 911 Targa until 1984.

These are stunning cars that offer all the great points of a 911 in a convertible package.


This 911SC is finished in Grand Prix White with a Can-Can Red leather interior, and it runs great, according to the seller. The engine had a compression test 2,000 miles ago that showed all cylinders in line with factory specs, the seller adds, and during the past 5,000 miles, the car has received a new clutch, alternator, flywheel, oil lines, seals and other service items.

The car has a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and all books and tools, as well as a strong service history, the seller notes.

The 911SC Cabrio is a true one-year-only model – the 911SC changed in 1984 to the 911 Carrera – which adds to its collectability. 

porsche, One-year-only model, 1983 Porsche 911SC Cabrio, and priced affordably, ClassicCars.com Journal

Luckily, it is not yet thought of that way, and this nice car can be bought for only $29,900, which is an excellent deal.

To view this listing on ClassicCars.com, see Pick of the Day.

Andy Reid
Andy Reid
Andy Reid's first car, purchased at age 15, was a 1968 Fiat 124 coupe. His second, obtained by spending his college savings fund, was a 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. Since then, he has owned more than 150 cars—none of them normal or reasonable—as well as numerous classic motorcycles and scooters. A veteran of film, television, advertising and helping to launch a few Internet-based companies, Reid was a columnist for Classic Motorsports magazine for 12 years and has written for several other publications. He is considered an expert in European sports and luxury cars and is a respected concours judge. He lives in Canton, Connecticut.


  1. I own a 1983 911SC Cabriolet (Black/Black). I do not know how collectible it will be but it has been a solid car with over 135K miles. Burns no oil, Had one clutch, alternator, starter, brake pads, and misc. tune ups. I love it and probably will never sell it. Only the AC went and is being replaced and upgraded now. I will be replacing hoses, seals, etc. while the engine is out but not out of necessity but of good judgment. It is really a great car and so much fun to drive.


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