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Featured Listing: A virtual time capsule – 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria

First Fairlane and first Crown Victoria, all rolled into a classic, full-sized offering


This ClassicCars.com Marketplace featured listing is a 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria for sale in Orlando, Florida. No mileage is reported; however the seller says it is a complete to original restoration and is asking $27,500.

When one thinks of a Crown Vic, it is usually likened to a police car, a taxi or a blue-collar luxury car like its sister car, the Mercury Grand Marquis. However, in 1955, when Ford introduced its first Fairlane – named for Henry Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan, estate ‘Fair Lane’ – the top trim package was given the moniker Crown Victoria. The name was discontinued after the 1956 model year and would not be resurrected again until 1980, once again denoting top trim, full size cars.

This pretty two-tone, two-door coupe is powered by an 8-cylinder 292cid Y-block – also known as the P-Code Thunderbird V8 — making an estimated 198 horsepower with 286 pound-feet of torque. According to the seller, “Restored all original. Everything works on car, recently changed brake lines, shoes, cylinders as well as cleaned out gas tank due to be in storage for a while.

The middle 1950s were an all-out war between Ford and General Motors, which had the Bel-Air and Nomad station wagons selling exceptionally well with an upwardly mobile middle-class. In 1956 only, Ford produced a Fairlane wagon, the Parklane, to go head to head with the Nomad. Thankfully, because of the production numbers, a plethora of these mid-‘50s cars still exist.

Because of the competitive nature of the Detroit nameplates, styling was at the forefront. The first-generation Fairlane had similar styling cues to the Bel-Air, but by 1957, when tail-fins were all the rage, the second-gen Fairlane took on a more modern looking design that clearly differentiated itself. The first-generation is known for its trademark stainless-steel “Fairlane stripe” on the side.

For the price of a new Ford Taurus, you could be stylin’ around town in this fully functioning classic. The 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria has an asking price of $27,500. To view the listing on ClassicCars.com, click here.


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