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Mercedes Unimogs set record for high-altitude driving

While placing radios on a Chilean volcano, they reach 21,961+ feet above sea level


Automakers boast of their vehicles’ lap times around the Nurburgring or over a 1-mile straightaway, and recently of the range of their electric-powered fleet. But Mercedes-Benz is claiming an automotive record of another sort as a pair of its Unimog U 5023 off-road vehicles have claimed driving at a height of nearly 21,962 feet.

The mission was to install four emergency radio units at various high-altitude camps on Ojos de Salado, the world’s tallest active volcano, which is located in Chile. The radios were needed so the camps could communicate for safety and scientific research. 

Mercedes, Mercedes Unimogs set record for high-altitude driving, ClassicCars.com Journal
‘Climb every mountain’ is not just a song lyric

Ojos de Salado reaches to a height of 6893 meters (22,614.8 feet) and is part of the notorious string of active volcanos known as the Pacific Ring of Fire.

“After the expedition team made it to the Amistad high-altitude camp at 6,100 m with the two Unimog U 5023 and had completed the installation of the fourth emergency radio unit there, the team set about achieving another milestone,” Mercedes-Benz noted in its announcement, “breaking the altitude record for wheeled vehicles. 

“This was achieved by one of the two Unimog trucks at an altitude of 6,694 m. Never before had vehicles climbed to such heights anywhere around the world.”

The 10-person expedition was supported by Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, which provided the pair of extreme off-road vehicles. The trucks were equipped with special tires, winches and even special bodies with variable center of gravity-balancing technology developed at the Unimog Museum, by Unimog body supplier AS Soder and by engineers from the Unimog development team. 

Mercedes, Mercedes Unimogs set record for high-altitude driving, ClassicCars.com Journal
Spare tires carried on special fixture

Leading the expedition was Matthias Jeschke, owner of Extrem Events, who had set the previous high-altitude driving record in 2014 using Mercedes-Benz Zetros.

The Mercedes news release quotes Jeschke for praising the way the Unimogs “mastered” the extremely steep and rocky passages thanks to a combination of the best, reliable technology, a balanced center of gravity and amazing tire technology to bring the materials and equipment to these enormous heights.”

Mercedes launched the Unimog model 70 years ago as a vehicle designed for all climates and all places.

Mercedes, Mercedes Unimogs set record for high-altitude driving, ClassicCars.com Journal
Nice view from up here

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