300SL Gullwing inspires men’s apparel

300SL Gullwing inspires men’s apparel

The Outlierman brand’s products are handcrafted in Italy

If you own Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, or even if you can’t afford one but wish you could, The Outlierman clothing brand has launched a Best of Show 300 SL collection “designed with passion and handcrafted by elite artisans” in Italy.

The Gullwing tie

The Outlierman brand was created in Bologna, Italy, in 2015 by Andrea Mazzuca and Eleonora Dazzani. 

“A small, passionate team of 10 people designs each item in-house,” the company said. “The Outlierman produces collections for discerning drivers, including: driving gloves, scarves, ties, bow ties, braces, pocket squares, bags and document cases.”

It also publishes The Outlierman Magazine, in print and online, covering “classic and contemporary cars, fashion, romantic road trips, events and more.”

The newest products are a hand-stitched silk tie incorporating the Gullwing doors silhouette and a silk pocket square with 300SL design cues. The tie is priced at €130 ($145) and the pocket square at €65 ($72).

The picket square

“After the 300 SL’s latest ‘Best of Show’ victory in the New York City Concours, it seemed fitting for The Outlierman to create a limited series of hand-made products showcasing the car’s most iconic features,” Mazzuca is quoted in the company’s news release.

“With Christmas fast approaching, it would make a wonderful festive gift for the automotive connoisseur.”

For more information, and to see the full line of car-related ties, gloves, etc., visit The Outlierman website.

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