Rooftop experience: 75 mph atop a Paris building

SEAT’s Cupra showcases its 300 horsepower Ateca SUV

The rooftop test track atop the Lingotto, the former Fiat factory in Torino, Italy, has been featured in movies such as The Italian Job and even on television’s The Amazing Race. And now it apparently has inspired a rooftop driving circuit in Paris.

Cupra is part of SEAT, the Spanish division of the Volkswagen Group, and the “lifestyle and sports car brand with a passion for racing” recently converted the roof of what appears to be a multi-story parking structure into a racing-style track that includes a 21-degree banked turn to showcase the 300-horsepower Cupra Ateca SUV.

Paris rooftop

Spanish automaker SEAT created a rooftop race track in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower | SEAT Cupra photo

With World Touring Car racer Mikel Azcona driving, Cupra said the Ateca reached speeds of nearly 75 mph on the track with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

“I’ve been on race tracks all over the world, but never on one like this with such spectacular views,” the 23-year-old racer was quoted in the company’s news release.

Rain during the filming didn’t deter Azcona or the Ateca.

“On a slick track where water also wanted to leave its mark on this experience, the rain was no impediment for the CUPRA Ateca equipped with its 4Drive four-wheel drive,” the company reported. 

Rain made the drive even more exciting

“Driving in the rain was even more amazing, but it had surprising grip on this slippery track – it was incredible,” Azcona said.

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